Kettlebell Exercises

Welcome to the Swing in the New Year kettlebell challenge for January 2013!

Here is where you'll find all kettlebell workout ideas that I post.  That's right, I'll be saving them all in one convenient spot for you!

Circuit from Women's Health:
Check out a great video from Women's Health Magazine here.

The following exercises are from Intense Kettlebell Workouts. A couple of the exercises are repeats from last week (windmill and swing) so I won't go into those again but the rest are brand new to us!

Kettlebell Clean:
This is not me. My muscles don't look like that....yet.
The Kettlebell Clean
I had a hard time following the description of these exercise: start in a squat with the kettlebell between your feet. Stand up, pull the kettlebell to your shoulder while twisting your wrist. This video helps.

Kettlebell Crunch:
Lay on your back holding the kettlebell above you. Using your abs only, lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

Front Raises:
One arm! Yikes!
With one arm out to the side, lift the other arm straight up in front of you and lower it.

Hold the kettlebell at your chest and keeping your knees above your ankles, stick your butt out behind you and squat as low as you can (without falling over) and stand back up.

A few moves from my kettlebell video (with Gin Miller).

Figure 8

Exactly how it sounds: draw a figure 8 in the air in front of you while holding the kettlebell by the horns. Keep your core tight and bend your knees. It's hard. Enjoy.

Rock the Baby

This one is really good. If you rock fast, you'll raise your heart rate and you can work up a great sweat. If you go slow, you torture your shoulder muscles and who doesn't love a good torture session?! Again, keep your core tight and bend your knees.

Dead Lifts

Really good for balance! As a former gymnast, I used to do this all the time on a 4 inch wide balance beam 4 feet off the ground. These days? HA! My balance is a joke but getting a little better thanks to all of this practice. Keep your shoulders back and your back straight. Lift your leg as you lower the weight keeping your body in a straight line like a playground see-saw. When you wobble (and you will), please, put your foot down before you fall.

Squat Side Leg Lift
Saddlebags? What saddlebags? I love this move. Possibly my favorite. Keep your core tight. This one will get your heart rate up.

This one is called Spider Drags from Shape Magazine.

Spider Drags
1. Start in a forearm plank with the kettlebell behind your right elbow. 2. Straightening one arm at a time, move to push-up position. 3. Reach over with your left hand. 4. Drag the kettlebell to the left side. Lower down into a forearm plank, repeat with the other side. That's one rep. Try to do 12. It's hard. Have fun.

I've been loving all over this exercise that I got from

The Halo

Hold the kettlebell by the horns over your head. Move your upper body in a circular motion keeping your core tight. Good stuff. It doesn't feel hard in the moment. Wait until the next day. Bwahahahaha!