Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ragnar Hawaii Adventure: Post 1

I've been home for a week and I'm still having trouble finding the words to tell y'all about my Hawaiian Adventure with Bondi Band's Ragnar team.

I'll just start at the beginning and show you lots of pictures of the gorgeousness I got to look at for 4 days.

My plane left Columbus on Tuesday night.  I had the last flight out of Cbus to LA so I could have the first flight out of LA on Wednesday morning.  Yes, that meant I'd have to hang out at LAX all night, but it also meant I'd get to The Big Island at 1pm and have much of the day left to enjoy.

I wasn't alone in LA all night.  Another teammate, Jennifer, was also flying into LA Tuesday night and had a long layover.  We were on the same flight out of LA at 7:45am.

Exhausted and excited.
I'm guessing it was around 3am.
I barely remember Wednesday night.  After being up for 36 hours, I think I passed out before my head hit the pillow....but I do remember the sunset.

Sunset Wednesday Night

There were three Moms Run This Town chapter leaders on our team.  A few years ago, an associate at a local running store mistook our group name for Moms Take Over This Town.  He spoke the truth that day.  We do, indeed, tend to take over.

With Pam and Jennifer
We have a thing for unicorns.

Thursday morning, we hiked to a lagoon.  Rumor had it that sea turtles hang out there and we can swim with them.  We can swim with them, but we can't touch them.  There's a hefty fine for touching the turtles so we were careful to keep our hands to ourselves.

The Big Island is more rocky than sandy.  We hiked over fields and mounds of igneous rock to get to the lagoon.

Hindsight: hiking over all that rock the day before we begin a 200 mile relay probably wasn't the best idea but....Hawaii.

Oh, how I love palm trees.
The Lagoon from afar.

This dude was just chillin' on the beach.  No one touched, promise.  We were told that our touch can remove protective oils from the turtle.  I'm not sure if that's actually true, but no one wanted that to happen so we didn't test it.

I sent this picture to my little ladies and told them I found Squirt!  Finding Nemo reference....anyone?


We saw lots of turtles.  They didn't come near us, but they didn't seem bothered that we were there, either.
I'm really glad I learned to swim last winter.
The current pushed me to areas where the water was over my head several times.
We took a few team pics on our hike.  Well, not the whole team, one of our teammates is the Nathan rep and he was working packet pickup so he couldn't hang with us until after the event.  There were two other men on our team.  One was the photographer and the other didn't want to be the only dude in the picture.

The ladies of Bondi Band's Hang Loose Haoles

Hangin' Loose
As far as "sight seeing" goes, this was all I did.  Thursday night, the ladies of Van 1 went to bed early because we started running at 6:20 on Friday morning!

The rest of our sight seeing was done on foot as we ran across the island.  In my teeny tiny humble opinion, it was the best way to see the fabulous Big Island.

I'll stop here.  I don't want to break the Internet with all of my pictures.

The rest of my story will come in a few days.

Have you ever run a Ragnar?  This was my third.  I've also run Tennessee Road and West Virginia Trail
Have you ever been to Hawaii?  First timer, here!

Special Thanks
~to Rebecca.  None of this would have been possible without you.
~to Kari.  Tons of planning, tons of running, tons of fun.
~to Pam.  The mastermind behind Moms Run This Town.
~to my favorite husband.  For picking up my slack so I can run wild every once in a while.
~to the Hang Loose Haoles.  Y'all are awesome.  Thanks for the fabulous (long) weekend.