Friday, September 23, 2016

This happened...

About a month ago, Pam, the founder of Moms RUN This Town announced that she would be taking one lucky chapter leader with her to run Ragnar Hawaii with the Bondiband team in October.

Over the next few weeks, Pam came up with little challenges for us chapter leaders to participate in. By far, my favorite was to ask our chapter members to post videos on Instagram talking about what they love best about MRTT.  Some of my members made videos, some wrote posts on our Facebook group page.  Regardless of how they got their messages out there, I really enjoyed them all.  It's so special how a group of women, most of whom have never met in person, can have such a positive impact on one another.

Since all of the chapter leader participants are scattered across the country, Pam couldn't deliver the news to the winner in person so she asked all of us to give her the name and phone number of someone close to us who could tell the winner and video her reaction.  Pam really wanted to see the reaction.  I don't blame her.  If I had something as awesome as a trip to Hawaii to give away, I'd want to see the reaction as well.

My friend, Megan, was my contact person.

When Pam announced that she picked a winner, I sent Megan a text asking if she'd heard anything.

Waiting is so hard.
I've never been good at it.

Much later, I did notice that Megan never said "I haven't heard from Pam."

I wrote a post to my MRTT chapter, who were all waiting on the edge of their seats for news, telling them that a winner had been chosen but I haven't heard anything so I'm not the winner but I deleted it because I'd rather make that announcement after I knew who the winner was and we could congratulate her.

Then the doorbell rang.
You must be viewing this post online to see the video.  You can't see it in an emailed version.

Megan along with two other predawn runner friends, Lyndsey and Angela, and their kids were wearing leis and Megan was holding champagne.  I screamed.  I cried.  I drank from the bottle.

Ho-leeee shit, y'all.  I'm going to Hawaii!!

I did eventually drink from a glass.
I'm not completely uncivilized.
HUGE thanks to Bondiband and Moms RUN This Town!