Monday, April 18, 2016

6 months later....

Woa.  I haven't written in 6 months.

I have no fabulous excuses.

The fact is, I didn't want to.  I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say, so I chose to say nothing.  Also, I've been far more interested in living life than writing about it.

It's time to get back on the horse, so here goes...


Since last summer's stress fracture, I've been so, so careful.  Coming back to running was a very conservative process...painfully conservative.  I was so irritated with how freaking slow the comeback was... but I complained loudly and followed the plan anyway.  Some rules are not meant to be broken.

Eight months later, I'm back to my normal running.  I'm training for the Bayshore Marathon and it's getting to be peak weeks of training.  The mileage had increased slowly, and I have been pretty nervous to run miles in the upper teens, but my shin seems to be handling everything well.

Back in January, I started attending boot camp classes two days a week at Power Train Sports and Fitness.  This is really helping to keep my whole body strong and healthy.  For the whole month of January, I was constantly sore.  Everywhere.  OMG, everything hurt!  My muscles needed to get used to the new abuse.  By the time February (and the start of Bayshore training) came around, I was used to the new workouts and I wasn't nearly as sore.

The boot camp classes are changing my body for the better.  The scale hasn't moved much, but everything is tighter and I've had to buy new pants.  My underwear is even too big.  Underwear doesn't lie, friends.

A sad goodbye...

I've talked about Jackson a lot on this blog, especially a few years ago when he tore his ACL and needed to have surgery to realign his knee.  In the days following the surgery, Jack had some anxiety and I spent a considerable amount of time laying in the crate with him...and spent seven weeks rehabbing his leg back to health.  In the 10 years that Jackson lived with us, he has not been a low-maintenance dog, nor was he always well-behaved.  But he was ours; we loved him and he us.

Back in February,  I took Jack to the vet for lethargy and swollen lymph nodes.  After some testing, we found out that Jackson had cancer and the lymph nodes were the secondary site.  We opted to not put Jack through the stress of further examinations to find out exactly what type of cancer and where it started.  We started giving him pain meds and I told Jackson to tell me when it was time and I promised him that I would listen.

For the next month, I watched him like a hawk.  He was still eating normally, greeting us at the door with toys and barking at everything out the front window but I noticed that he wasn't resting comfortably during the day...he'd lay on his couch, but wouldn't sleep and I knew we were getting close.  The next day, on March 25, I was sitting next to him on his couch.  My face was close to his and I asked him for kisses.  The dog who couldn't ever control his licker, turned away from me.  He wouldn't give kisses.  That was my sign.

I'll spare you the details of my emotional agony.  Jackson died peacefully that afternoon in my and Randy's arms, surrounded by love.  The week following was hard.  Jackson was an enthusiastic greeter in a "hello, snout, meet my crotch" kind of way with more than a happy tail.  It was a whole butt wag.  Odie and Adora greet us at the door, but not like Jack did.  It's very underwhelming.  Slowly, we're all getting used to our new normal.

Our New Normal

The people....

Nearly a year and a half ago, my car was broken into, my purse stolen and my credit cards used.  Around this time last year, one of "the people" who burglarized my car was put in jail for 4 years but the other person couldn't be tried as she was already in jail in another county.  Winner.

She got out of jail in the fall and is back in jail for another 4 years just like her buddy.  On December 10, 2014, they messed with the wrong little runner girl.


Well, I think that's all the big news I have to share for now.  Skirt Sports should be announcing the 2016 ambassadors this month, I'm thrilled to be a part of their team again this year and I'll be sure to post when the ambassador profiles are on the website.  Until then, go shop!  Skirt Sports has some fantastic new prints this season, use the code RMR20 for a 20% discount.

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