Saturday, October 31, 2015

BOSU and BOSU Sport Review

In early September, I was selected to participate in the BOSU FitFamily Instagram Challenge through Sweat Pink.  Later that week, BOSU sent me the Balance Trainer and the BOSU Sport to use with my kids.

As soon as they arrived, we couldn't wait to set them up!

Kid1, Kid2 and I are super excited for the Bosu Sport Kid Challenge! #bosustrong #fitfamily #sweatpink

From that day forward, we "played" with the BOSUs, for at least a few minutes, daily.

I had to lay some ground rules.  The girls weren't allowed to use the BOSUs unless I was with them to supervise (ahem, to play with them).  Safety first!  I didn't want them doing something foolish and getting hurt.  (For example: jumping from the love seat to the BOSU to the couch...they may or may not have attempted that little trick.)

I posted several pictures to Instagram during the BOSUstrong Challenge that took place the weeks before the FitFamily Challenge.

When it was time for FitFamily Challenge week, the girls and I had a lot of fun taking pictures to post to Instagram.  This one is my favorite of the week:

We were given the digital download of the BOSU Kids workout DVD.  I screened it before I let the kids loose with it.  We all loved it!  The exercises are fun--too fun for it to be considered "exercise". What I really liked was the "how to use" tutorial in the beginning.  The video explained and demonstrated how to set up the BOSU and how to "fall off" and get back on (always step forward onto the BOSU, never backward).  Very explicit.  I liked that.

After my stress fracture healed this summer and I came out of the boot, my physical therapist had me stand on one foot on the BOSU at the PT office.  This helped build back the tiny muscles in my foot, ankle and the muscles that attach to my tibia.  It was hard and it hurt at first but the more I practiced, the stronger I became.  The PT also put me on a squishy foam block to stand on one foot, but quickly decided that the BOSU was better for me because it made me work harder.

#FreeFriday here's my #BOSUstrong! #fitfamily #sweatpink @bosu_fitness @fitapproach #ad

The BOSU has definitely played a large part in my recovery.  I was very thankful to have one at home so I could do my strength exercises more than twice a week at the PT's office.

For the past (almost) two months, the ladies and I have really enjoyed having a BOSUs in the house.  I like it because the options are unlimited and it really works all of my muscles while improving my strength and balance.  The kids like it bounces.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own.  I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.