Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's NOT Train for a Marathon!

I told y'all at the end of July about my stress fracture.  I went to the doc for a follow-up after 2 weeks of being immobile and non-weight bearing.  I was feeling hopeful and brought my left shoe to the appointment with me.

Our conversation went like this:

Doc: Go ahead and take the boot off and stand up.  Now hop on your left foot.

Me: (In my head) Shit, it kind of hurts.

Doc: How does that feel?

Me: Not healed.

Doc: Back in the boot.


The good news was that I didn't have to use the crutches anymore.

Now for the bad news....

I knew it in my head before that day, but my heart finally came around after that appointment: I will not be running the Columbus Marathon this year.

This is very disappointing because I was supposed to run this marathon with my BFF, Carrie.  Ahem.  By "run with her", I mean "run 2 minutes per mile behind her".  Now, I'll be running the half.  There is a silver lining here (always the optimist).  I'll now be able to watch Carrie cross the finish line of her very first marathon.  If I were running the full, I'd miss her finish because I'd be behind her.  I'm very excited to witness her big moment.

I thought for a minute that maybe I could PR the half, but we'll have to see how training goes.

Which brings me to the present.

I had another appointment with my doc on the 24th.  Our conversation started out like it had earlier this month.

Doc: Go ahead and take the boot off and stand up.  Now hop on your left foot.


Doc: Did you bring a shoe with you?


And there you have it.  I'm healed.


My calf is weak from being in the boot for 4 weeks.  I start physical therapy today and hopefully I'll be back outside causing a ruckus in the predawn--where I belong--very soon.

My August ambassador assignment from Skirt Sports is to write about getting into fall race training.  Well, I'm not doing any training just yet.  Instead I'll tell you about the awesome clothes I've bought lately.  Last week, the mother-load was delivered to my house.  (Oh, my poor credit card.)

My order consisted of:
Whew, that's a lot of stuff.  It will come as no surprise when I tell you that I love everything!  I haven't run in the Kelly tank yet so I'm not sure it will give the support that I need, but it feels pretty snug and supportive.

The Redeption Capris are my very first pair of non-black running pants.  I stepped way out of my comfort zone when I ordered the Tantrum print, but I believe I'm in love.  I want everything in Tantrum print!

Other than the Redemption Capri, Tantrum print is available in the following pieces:
All of which I have (and love!) in another print.
Tantrum also comes in:
Which I haven't tried yet...don't worry, I'll get to it!

You can get your own Tantrum for 20% off when you use this discount code: SSRRMR20

Your turn:

Do you wear print pants? I've always felt too self conscious...but I'm going for it anyway!