Friday, July 31, 2015


Yep.  It's been a while.
It's always hard for me to blog in the summer when the kids are home.  We're busy enjoying summer!

Here's what I've been up to lately....

On June 27th, Randy, the Ladies and I went to Michigan to visit my parents and to run a 5K.  This was Ellie's fourth 5K and my mom's first running 5K.  My mom is not a runner; she walks regularly and decided that she wanted to run to keep up with Ellie.  She rocked it!  I was so impressed.

Pre Race
Oh yea, and we ran in the pouring rain which makes any run 100% more badass.

Soaking Wet Post Race
On July 11th, I did a SUP and Run.  A mile and a half of stand up paddle board followed by a 2 mile run.  This was so much fun.  I talked a couple of friends into doing it with me.

I don't know if I've ever SUPed for a mile and a half before but surprisingly, I didn't start to get tired until I was almost done. 

The run was harder than I expected.  The SUP wore me out more than I thought.  Plus, it was hot that day.

I would totally SUP and Run again.  It was a LOT of fun.

On July 19th, Ellie ran her fifth 5K.  She and I signed up for the Daisy Dash. 

Of course Ellie wore her Skirt Sport Kid Skirt

The start and finish line was right in front of the American Girl store so you can imagine the pandemonium after the race.  We did have a lot of fun looking through the store.  Ellie and I have never been in an American Girl store.  We don't have any of the dolls....yet.  Ellie was eying a couple of them.  She reads the American Girl books at school and really likes Kit.  Perhaps a Christmas idea....

That brings me to the present.

What the hell?

It started with shin splints in both shins.  Probably because of my love for hill repeats.  No biggie, shin splints go away in a few days to a week.  A week later, my right shin felt better, but my left was still bugging me.  It wasn't bad.  There was no excruciating pain, it was a dull ache that came and went.  It ached in the car.  The vibrations must irritate it.  But it didn't feel worse when I ran.  So odd.

After the weekend of the SUP and Run, I decided to take a week off, maybe that would make it better.  Friday of that week, my shin was still bugging me and I thought it was strange that after 5 days off, it hadn't gone away.  Something minor would have been gone, or at least improved by then.  This is when I started to get nervous.

On Saturday, it felt a little better, but after the Daisy Dash (Sunday), the irritating pain was back.  Sigh.

I went to see a sports medicine doctor who told me that he was almost positive that I did not have a stress fracture, which is what I was most concerned about, but he wanted me to have an MRI just to be sure.  His thought was just bad shin splints.

My MRI was on Monday morning at 7am; one week after the Daisy Dash and I was feeling a lot better.  So much better than I almost cancelled the MRI, but since it was first thing on a Monday, I couldn't call the day before to cancel.  I went ahead with the MRI and I made plans with my friends for a short run on Tuesday morning and I was looking forward to getting back out there.  I was told by the MRI technician that my doctor would have the MRI results in 24-48 hours.

Less than 5 hours after my MRI, my doctor called.

Friends, it's never a good sign when the doctor calls.

"Jamie, I have some news that you don't want to hear..."


The panic set in as I listened to his words...stress fracture....boot....crutches....


"Does this mean I shouldn't run Tomorrow morning?"  He didn't think I was funny.

It's actually very lucky that he called me with the results so quickly.  Yes, I was feeling better, but had I run on it, I probably would have set myself back another week.

So here I am, not in pain, in a boot, trying to not feel sorry for myself, focusing on getting the rest of me stronger (core, back, buns and upper body).  I'm actually doing OK with the not-running.  The boot is tolerable.  The freaking crutches put me over the edge!  They're so....inconvenient.  But on the brighter side, my arms and shoulders are going to look really nice.

And I'm getting lots of puppy love.
Have you ever done a SUP and Run?  This was my first.  And the first in Central Ohio.  I'll definitely do another.
Have you ever been stuck in a boot?  Two years ago, I tore a calf muscle.  My boot has been stored in my basement since then.  I was not happy to see it again.