Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Real Women Move

I took this picture after a 5am run with my predawn friends.

If you look closely, you'll see this picture in Skirt Sports' banner for their #REALwomenmove campaign.


Our feet are almost famous!

You may be wondering what the #REALwomenmove campaign is.

You're in luck.  I'm going to tell you.

The women at Skirt Sports believe that ALL women, regardless of size, build, background or activity level can be fit.  They are on a mission to empower intimidated women and young girls and show them what it looks like to be active and healthy.

It's like the ladies at Skirt Sports can hear my thoughts.  Being the leader of a very large all-female running group, I hear it all the time...

"I'm not a real runner."

Oh, honey.  If you run, you are a runner.

"I can only run a half marathon."

Are you kidding me?  Only?  That's thirteen freaking miles.  Your legs are pretty badass.
The word "only" had been banned from our Facebook page.

I do understand the intimidation of someone starting out, especially in our group with the wide range of ability, but I'll let you in on a little secret: we all started somewhere.

I can remember the day I ran a whole mile for the first time.  I'm positive that I posted all about it on Facebook and had I a cell phone with the capability, I'd have selfied the shit out of that run.

I felt like a BEAST.

Sure, there were others who could run much farther than a mile, and in half the time it took me to do it, but it wasn't about everyone else.  This was about me and my new ability to do something that I never imagined I could do.

Who's ready to join the #REALwomenmove movement?

Check out the Skirt Sport #REALwomenmove website and submit your REAL story then tweet and Instagram your active photos using the hashtag #REALwomenmove and #SkirtSports.  For every 5,000 times the #REALwomenmove hashtag is used, Skirt Sports will donate a Getting Started Scholarship to a woman who exemplifies a REAL woman.  The Getting started Scholarship includes a bra, top, skirt, hat, socks and an entry to her first 5K.

Your turn!
Do you remember the day your ran your first mile?  Tell me about it in the comments.
What do you think about the #REALwomenmove campaign?  I love, I love....

As a Skirt Sports Ambassador, it's my job to promote Skirt Sports events and I am compensated for doing so.  All opinions are always my own.