Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Respecting the Legs

A conversation came up on a run recently about stretching and massaging tight muscles.

Since my friend and I are distance runners, we were speaking specifically about our legs.

Our legs have a big job: get us from point A to point B...both points are usually double digit miles apart.  Our legs should be pampered when they're not running.

But they're not.

We both admitted that we're really good about stretching and using the foam roller to massage our tired, tight muscles for a while, but then everything feels really good and we get out of the habit...

...then our legs remind us that they need some pampering.

Usually, that "reminder"comes in the form of pain or aches or stiffness.  So we start stretching and foam rolling again until we feel better and we get out of the habit.

It's a vicious cycle.

One I plan to break.

From now on, friends, I will stretch after every run and foam roll my weary legs at least three times a week.  I know I should foam roll every day, steps.

Respect your legs, friends, and your legs will take care of you.

Who's with me?

Do you stretch out your muscles regularly?
How about massage?