Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ORRRC Half Marathon Recap

The Ohio River Road Runner's Club Half Marathon is my favorite.  Since the first time I ran it 4 years ago, it's held a special place in my heart...partly because I've earned 2 PRs (personal records) there (2012 and 2014), partly because it's a small race and there's no elbowing my way through the crowds (or being elbowed), partly because of the post-race food and showers and partly because it's cheap.

I love this race and I will run it every year as long as my schedule allows.

This year, the ORRRC Half was extra special: my husband decided to make it his very first half marathon.  It was also my first race as a Skirt Sports Ambassador.

My parents came to visit for the weekend to stay with the Little Ladies while Randy and I went to the race, which is a little over an hour from our house.

Randy and I left just before 6am to head to Xenia, OH.  We were about half way there when he turned to me and said, "I think I forgot my watch."


I checked his bag and, sure enough, there was no watch in there.  I, being the awesome wife that I am, offered him my watch so he could make sure to keep his pace conservative on the hills in the beginning of the race.  He's new-ish to distance running and doesn't trust himself to keep his desired pace by feel alone.  I knew he had been secretly hoping to beat my PR time of 1:57:48...and I knew that I had no intention of coming close to that finish time this year, I would be running for fun, so the watch would better serve him.  I remember last year when I told him my PR finish time...he was ecstatic for me.  He told everyone who would listen how beastly his wife was.  He was so proud.  It really was adorable.  I hoped that he would beat my time.  There's no competition between us.  That would be silly; his legs are a good 12 inches longer than mine.

We arrived at the Xenia YMCA and picked up our packets and visited with some friends until it was time to head to the starting line.

Moms RUN This Town from the Columbus and Dayton chapters!
Randy and I lined up together at the start and stayed together for the first mile or so, but he soon pulled ahead, running with our friend, Allen--who came to Xenia for moral support for a few of us, not to run the race.

Around mile 4, I passed by Allen who had sent Randy ahead and was going to head back to the starting line to get his bike.  He told me that Randy was holding a steady 9:20 pace and was looking good.

Of course, I had no idea what pace I was running since I didn't have a watch.  My guess was between 9:40s and 10ish minute miles.

I ran for a while with a fellow MRTT member, and then another MRTT member and then I found myself alone, just running, cheering for the runners who had already reached the turn-around and were on their way back.

After I reached the turn-around, I got to cheer for the runners who were still on their way to the turn-around.  I just ran.  With a smile on my face.  I love this race.

I'm not even sure when I saw Allen again...mile 10, maybe?  He was on his bike this time--taking pictures.  Allen is a great spectator and I'm thankful he was there to document some of this run for me.
Randy at mile 10ish.
Photo taken by Allen
For the next couple of miles, Allen rode back and forth between me and his girlfriend, Sunshine, chatting and taking pictures.

Bike selfie!
He was waiting for me when I turned the corner to run up the hill to the finish.  He took a few pictures then hopped back on his bike to ride with me for the next half mile or so.

Randy was waiting for me at the finish, he took a few pictures as I ran up the last of the hill then I crossed the finish line in 2:6:56.

I was happy to see him at the finish.

I'm thrilled to say that Randy beat my PR time by 15 seconds with a finish time of 1:57:33.

Way to go, Babe!

I've asked him if he'll run another half.
He hasn't decided yet.
About my outfit: I'm wearing the Runner's Dream long sleeved shirt and the Vixen Capri skirt.  The Runner's Dream is my favorite shirt and I'd very much like for it to come in lots of colors and patterns.  I'd buy them all.  The belly and back of this shirt is non-see-through mesh for maximum breathe-ability and conservative coverage.  The Vixen Capri is so freaking fun.  The capri have a light compression so there's no chafing in the lady bits or the thigh area and the skirt is flouncy and very girlie.  The first time I put them on, I couldn't help but to shake my hips to make the skirt bounce.

I've washed and worn both garments many times and the high quality material doesn't lose its shape or color.  I keep telling you, friends, I'd much rather have a few good-quality pieces than a drawer full of cheap clothing that I can't wear.  Happy shopping when you save 20% with this coupon code: SSRRMR20.

Have you ever run the ORRRC Marathon or Half?
Want to join me next year? (waggles eyebrows)