Monday, April 6, 2015

A Lot of Excitement

March ended on a busy note and it doesn't look like my family's schedule is going to calm down until May!  This mama better keep the calendar close and hold on for dear life.

Last week was Spring Break for the Little Ladies and I and we took the opportunity to travel to Massachusetts to visit with my grandparents and other extended family.

We had "tea" with my grandmother every morning and Randy and I took the Ladies to Boston for a day to walk the Freedom trail to see some of the historical sights since they are becoming interested in American history.

USS Constitution - we got to board the ship and tour the lower deck!
North Church
One if by land, two if by sea...
Bunker Hill Monument selfie

Right before we left for the east the midst of my packing and list-crossing, I got a really exciting email: I've been asked to become an ambassador for Skirt Sports! (squeal!)

I've written about Skirt Sports before.  I love, love, love their clothing and I tell everyone who will listen how much I love the company and the apparel.

A little bit about the company: Skirt Sports was dreamed up in late 2003 by Nicole DeBoom because she wanted to look pretty when she ran.  She then brought her dream to reality by creating flattering, cute, high-performance running skirts in late 2004.  These days, Skirt Sports offers a wide variety of clothing specifically designed to fit and flatter the female body.

Any female body.

Photo taken from the Skirt Sports website.

One of the things I truly love about Skirt Sports is that their sizing doesn't stop at a Large.  Or even an Extra Large.  The ladies at Skirt Sports believe that if a woman wants to be active, she should have something cute and comfortable to wear. Skirt Sports clothing is available from a size 0 to 22.  Most skirts have light compression shorties, capris or pants underneath to keep the chub from rubbin' and the skirt covers your bum so you don't feel that you're baring your secrets to the whole world.

Also, they're cute.  So stinking cute.

I just placed my first order as an ambassador and I'm spinning in excited circles for the mail man to drop off my package so I can wear all of my awesome new clothes!

You may be wondering what being an ambassador means.  Simply put, it's a job.  I provide a service, I talk about the company publicly, and wear their clothing (which I do anyway) and in return, I earn awesome Skirt Sports clothing at no or low cost.

Disclaimer: All of the Skirt Sports clothing that I will be reviewing from now on, I will have received for free or at a hefty discount.

I also get a special coupon code to share with all of YOU!  Enter the code SSRRMR20 at checkout to save 20% off your entire order (excludes clearance and Flash Sales).

My order includes the Lioness skirt, which has shorts underneath.  I currently have skirts with capris and a skirt with pants underneath, so it will be fun to try shorts. 

I'm wearing the Vixen Capri at the St. Jude Marathon.
Photo credit: Jonna Stumpo
I'm also getting a sports bra.  I've heard awesome things about the Skirt Sports bras, including that the Jill bra (for the bustier ladies) was rated number one by Runner's World Magazine.  I ordered the Kelly and I'm looking forward to letting y'all know how much I love it.

Your turn!

Have you ever worn Skirt Sports clothing?
How about a Skirt Sports bra?  I can't wait!!