Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Single Digits

The St. Jude Marathon is in 4 days.

Four.  Days.

I'm down to single digits, people!  I am so excited.

My packing list has been made for months and I've already thrown a few things in my bag...

See?  A few things.
First thing Thursday morning, I'll get my little ladies on the school bus, then I'll hop in the car and head south to Louisville, Kentucky where my BFF, Carrie, is flying in (she'll run her fourth half at St. Jude).  Carrie will be with me for the rest of the drive to Memphis.

The weather this weekend (as of Monday night)...

The temps on Saturday are perfect.  Precipitation, however....

I love running in the rain.  For 10 or so miles.  Twenty six?  Holy chafing.  I'm hoping the rain holds off.

Fundraising has gone extremely well.  I've raised over $1200 for St. Jude.  I'm pretty thrilled about that.  If you want to get one last tax deduction in 2014, it's not too late to donate!

Click me!
For the next two days, I'll hopefully be crossing a zillion items off my gigantic to-do list, running my last couple of miles and hydrating my face off.

Wish me luck, I'll give y'all the low-down when I get back!

See you in one day and a wake up, Carrie!  Eeeeek!