Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 Weeks to Go!

Mileage for St. Jude training is ramping it's the perfect time to go on vacation, right?

Two weeks ago, we left happy, flat Columbus and went to super hilly Worcester, Massachusetts to visit my grandparents for a week.


Really, we had a fantastic time visiting with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins...but my legs took a serious beating.

I ran 36 miles while we were there and every mile was in the daylight.  Very abnormal for me.

I have to say: New England is gorgeous.  The view from the top of every hill...I was surrounded by fall colors as far as I could see, and at the bottom of the hills, ponds, lakes and more color.  I enjoyed my 16 miles run so much that I almost didn't notice the 1,100+ feet of elevation gain.


The top run was 16 miles with 1,183 feet of elevation gain.  Those little shark teeth in the first half was 3 miles on the high school track.

The middle run was 8 miles with 603 feet of elevation gain.  That one was brutal.

The bottom run was 8 miles with 454 feet of elevation gain.  I also ran a 4 miler that is not pictured.

As you can see, my grandparents live in a valley.  I started out uphill, got my heart rate up right off the bat and finished downhill to shred my quads just right.  When I came back to flat Columbus, I felt like such a beast!

Since being back home, I've had a 43 mile training week and I'm currently in the midst of a recovery week (less mileage) before my biggest training week followed by taper!

Taper, sweet taper.  My legs are looking forward to the break....before the shock of 26.2 miles.

Little story: When I get dressed for work in the morning, I think to myself, "oh, I have cute shoes that will look great with this outfit!"  Then my feet and ankles say, "Hell no you don't!  You have cushy, supportive running shoes that will not look great but will feel great..."  My feet win every time.

With these high mileage weeks, I'm consuming a lot of Island Boost.  It's the only fuel I'm using now.  Several months ago, I was alternating with another fuel, but with lots of miles to run and bathrooms few and far between, I'm not risking my belly with anything but Island Boost.

Wanna hear something cool?  Laura, the founder of Island Boost, gave me my very own coupon code!  Enter the code RRMR for buy 10 get three free!  So if you buy 20, you'll get 6 free.  Buy 100 and get 30 free!  This code expires December 31.  You better believe I'll be buying another case before the end of the year.  Quick!  Go order!

Wanna hear something else that's cool?  I have surpassed my wish for raising $1000 for St. Jude Research Hospital. 

One thousand dollars

That's airfare for a sick child and parent to travel to St. Jude.

That's infant care supplies for two hundred babies.

That's two days of oxygen for a kiddo.

That's toys.

That's wagons.

That's food.

I'm thrilled and humbled by the generosity of my friends and family and I'm so excited to run the streets of Memphis one month from today.

I've made my wish-goal, but I'm not stopping.  Please consider helping St. Jude make childhood cancer a thing of the past.
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