Friday, October 3, 2014

Powered by Island Boost: A Giveaway!

With St. Jude Marathon training in full swing, I needed to buy fuel (sugar energy) for my long runs.  Of course, Island Boost is the only fuel I'd consider buying.

I've been talking about Island Boost for over a year now, telling anyone who will listen how good it tastes and how easy on the belly it is.  All three flavors are great but the chocolate is seriously out of this world.  All Island Boost flavors are made with coconut water, glucose and fruit juices...the chocolate is made with premium chocolate and vanilla.  Nothing fake and the ingredients lists are short.  Less is more, people.

If you've tried gels, you may have gagged because of the consistency.  I'll admit it, I gagged.  It's like a wad of snot going down my throat.  So gross.

Island Boost is a liquid,  not a gel.  It goes down easy and it's the only fuel that doesn't gag me at mile 22 of a marathon.  Before I experimented with Island Boost last year during the Columbus Marathon training, I was nervous that, because it was a liquid, I would get hungry.  Not the case at all.  No hunger.  No running out of energy.  No vomiting.  No pooping my pants.  WIN!

I ordered a case of Island Boost last week.  The president of the company, Laura Mildon, included some extra packets in my order so I could share with YOU!  (Thanks, Laura!)

Disclaimer: I paid full price for my case of Island Boost.  I did not pay for the packets that I'll be giving away.  I am not being paid to share my love for Island boost but I'm more than happy to do so because I love it and think everyone else should, too.

I have three 6-packs of Island Boost up for grabs!  Two packets of each flavor: passion fruit, chocolate and blueberry-pomegranate, an $18.35 value.

Three winners will be chosen on Friday, October 10.

Just in case you don't win, you can buy a packet or two of Island Boost at your local REI store.  Try it and let me know what you think.  I haven't heard a bad word about it yet!

Good luck, y'all!
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