Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Madison Mini Weekend

Well, hello, blog.  It's been a while.  And yes, it's been over 2 weeks since the Madison Mini.  I'm delinquent in getting my race recap posted.  I have a zillion excuses...the top two being that the little ladies are back in school, which makes mornings and afternoons a total circus in my house and I've started a new job.  I'm officially a part-time stay at home mom and my days have been busy with work stuff while the kids are in school.  This should settle down in the next couple of weeks.

Enough with the excuses.  Let's get to Madison!

I flew out to visit my BFF, Carrie on Wednesday night (the race was on Saturday).  We had lots of time together...there was a lot of eating, a lot of wine and way too much staying up too late.  It was wonderful to escape real life for a while and hang out with Carrie.

I know I've mentioned before that Carrie and I became best friends in fourth grade.  When we were in fifth grade, I moved away and we haven't lived in the same time zone since.  Our parents helped us travel to see each other several times from fifth grade through high school, but we lost touch for several years while we were in college.  It didn't matter.  Ours is the kind of friendship that no matter how long we're apart, when we finally get together again, it's as if no time has passed.  We're still the same friends we've always been.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have that type of friendship in my life.

Back to our weekend....

On Thursday morning, we drove the half marathon course.

It scared me to death.  I knew it would be hilly, and I'd trained for hills the best I could in pancake-flat Columbus, but actually looking at the hills in person....a few four-letter words may have escaped my innocent lips as we drove up the mother of all hills at freaking mile 9.

After the drive, Carrie took me to lunch carts (kind of like the food trucks we have in Columbus, but they're trailers, not trucks) for lunch.  We had the most delicious spring roll I've ever tasted.  And bonus: it was the size of my head.  I can't even describe to you how good it was...and it was only $3.  I'm not joking when I say that we visited this lunch cart three times while I was there...and I was only in Madison for 5 days.  It was that good.

Friday was expo day!  We visited the expo, where I bought 3 BondiBands that I totally didn't need--my name is Jamie and I'm addicted to BondiBands.  Friday night was the only night that we went to bed at a reasonable time.

At the Expo!
Saturday morning: RACE DAY!

We left Carrie's house around 6:15am.  Luckily, she lives really close to the starting line.  We nestled ourselves in our corral.  There were a few selfies and a lot of high-fives and fist bumps and at 7am, we were off.

Bring on 13.1!

We started off faster than I would have if I were running my own race.  Carrie is faster than I am and I ran with her for the first 4 miles to keep her from going out too fast.  By mile 4, I knew I needed to slow down or I wouldn't make it to the finish, so I sent Carrie on her way and I slowed to my happy pace.

I had no plan to PR this race.  I already had my big PR for the year and I hurt for 4 days afterward.  I'm not in a hurry to do that again.  Speed hurts!  Plus, it was pretty humid and getting hotter...I hate the heat.

I started walking through every water stop for Gatorade and water just making my way toward the chocolate milk at the finish.  I figured that I'd finish between 2 hours and 10 minutes and 2 hours and 15 minutes.  My actual finish time was 2:12:43.  Not a PR by a long shot. (1:57:48)

I found Carrie waiting for me at our planned meeting place--near the chocolate milk, of course!  She finished her first half marathon in 1:56:09!  Imagine what she could do on a flat course like Columbus...

We hung out on the Terrace for a while while Carrie drank her finish line beer (I don't like beer) and I refueled with pop corn and chocolate milk.  After we had sufficiently "recovered", we hit up the spring roll lunch cart for the second time during my stay in Madison.  I was starving and practically inhaled it.

We spent Saturday evening hanging out at Carrie's house...too tired for anything more exciting than Dating Naked.  Have you seen it?  Dumbest reality show ever.  And we couldn't take our eyes away.

On Sunday, we had a fun girls day.  We went to see a movie--complete with boozy smoothies--followed by pedicures and Mexican for dinner.


I've never had blue toenails before.

Monday morning, we did a little shopping in the downtown area so we could be close to the lunch carts for lunch!

Yes. Please.
We tried not to think about the fact that Carrie would be dropping me off at the airport in a couple short hours.

Our weekend had come to an end.  It was time to get back to real life.

Don't be sad, though.  We already have our next half marathon together planned!  We'll be meeting in Louisville in April for the Kentucky Derby Half.  We're already registered and our hotel is already booked.  I doubt very much that Derby will be our last destination half.

Our adventures will continue!  Right, Carrie?  (insert eyebrow waggle here)

Special thanks 
~to my awesome husband, Randy, for taking days off work to hang out with our little ladies.
~to my parents for parting with the frequent flier miles for my plane ticket so I didn't have to drive 8 hours.  (I'm so spoiled loved.)

I'm making a destination half marathon bucket list for Carrie and I.  What's your favorite half? And why?