Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Little Givers

Several weeks ago, while the ladies and I were eating lunch...

"I want to give St. Jude the money in my sparkly purse."

Side note: the Little Ladies have sparkly purses that we use as piggy banks.  If you knew my kids in person, you'd say, "Of course they're sparkly!"

Ellie's declaration caught me a bit off guard and I asked her why she wanted to give St. Jude her money.

I wanted to make sure that she didn't feel the need to donate because she overheard Randy and I talking about how much money I committed to raising and that if I didn't meet my goal, I would be paying the difference.

Her answer melted my heart, "Because I want the kids to get better."

Well, OK then. 

After the lunch mess was cleaned up, we got out the sparkly purses.

During lunch, Aleena had decided that she wanted to donate too and I talked the girls into donating half of the money in their sparkly purses instead of all of it as Ellie had originally suggested.

The ladies dumped their purses out on the table and started divvying up their money.

Ellie counted her money, "One for St. Jude, one for me...."

Aleena counted her money, "One for 'St. June', one for me..."

Ellie and I giggled at St. June.

Together, my ladies donated $8.90.  Not too shabby for a 7 and 5 year old.

This gives me happy tears.  My ladies are...well, they're children, therefore, they're giant pains in my bum at times, but they're also so kind and generous and thoughtful.  Their hearts are huge and they want to save the world.  I love that.

Now, we three ladies are wondering...would anyone like to match their donation?  I certainly will.  Join us!  For less than $10 you can help my little ladies save the world!

Between my online donations and the checks that I've received from family members and mailed in (not yet applied to my online tally), I've already surpassed my $500 goal.  However, as I stated earlier this year, I have no intention of stopping at $500.

St. Jude won't stop until kids no longer die of cancer so why should I?

Side note: I'm absolutely positive that I'm going to cry for 26.2 miles on December 6th.