Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thirty Five. (yikes)

Today is the thirty fifth anniversary of my life on Earth.

I haven't yet decided how I feel about the number.

It doesn't sound as cute as twenty five....let's think back to that year for a moment, shall we?

I was 25 when Randy and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, when we bought our first house and when we rescued our first dog.  I had a fun job teaching second grade, with a great principal (hard to come by in those days, trust me on that).

Life was pretty darn good.

And it got better.

When I was 26, we rescued our second dog.....and third.  Twenty seven, I had Ellie.  The joy in life just exploded and then the explosion doubled at age 29 when I had Aleena.

Every year, life gets sweeter and sweeter.

Age 35 comes with
  • a new job, which will be way more fun than the job 25 year old me had, 
  • a fourth marathon, an idea that 25 year old me would have laughed at,
  • 8th birthday for Ellie, it amazes me that I've kept her alive for so long,
  • 6th birthday for Aleena, I don't even know how that happened, she was just born a few minutes ago
  • eleventh wedding anniversary for Randy and I.  WHAT?!  It seems like yesterday and a hundred years ago all at once.
Not a bad line up for such a scary number.

Time seems to be speeding up, so I better pay attention.

Bring it on, thirty five.  Let's see what you've got.