Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Fun

I've mentioned that the theme of 2014 is FUN (and badassery).

When I wrote those words on January first, I had no idea how true they'd be.

I'm having so much FUN this year.

My predawn runs are growing and even forming satellite groups in different areas of Columbus.  It's rare, so rare, that I ever run alone.

National Running Day in early June
5at5ers a couple of weeks ago
5at5ers earlier this week
All of the racing events I've done have been a blast.

The ORRRC Half Marathon was amazing.  I chucked all time and pace goals and just ran.  Sure, it was hard, but the lack of pressure was awesome.  I had no idea what my finish time would be.  I didn't even know what pace I was running!  Seeing my finish time was...I don't even have a word for it.  Only a smile.

Marcie and I at the finish.
Then there was the Ragnar Trail Relay in West Virginia.  I touched the damn nature, fell in the mud and camped in the rain.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I mentioned in the second part of my recap that I'm now a relay girl and there will be more in my future.

Finishing my third leg after playing in the mud for 6.8 miles.
Guess what?

I've added the Ohio Market to Market Relay to my 2014 race calendar!

I've had a few runner friends ask me about doing this relay earlier this year, but three of my 4 events this year will take me out of town for a whole weekend.  I'm not pushing my luck and adding another so I declined and didn't mention it to Randy.

Fast-forward to last Sunday evening.  I received a tweet from a RagnarTN teammate asking about participating in the Market to Market Relay.  Randy inquired what I was tweeting about so I gave him the run-down.

"That sounds fun and it's only one day.  You should do it."

Wait.  What?

See why I think he's so awesome?  He totally *gets* my crazy.

On September 6, I will join the Princesses and the Peas and run from Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio.

I'm super excited to run another relay.  I'm not completely sure if this one is roads or trail...I think it might be both.  The course map isn't really clear, so for sure, it will be an adventure.

Let the fun of 2014 continue...

Have you ever run a Market to Market Relay? 
Care to shed any light on the terrain?