Friday, April 4, 2014

A Week of Magic part 4

If you missed the beginning of our week, check out part 1, part 2 and the most magical, part 3.

After the late night on Wednesday, we slept until 7:30ish on Thursday then got up and moving.  We had breakfast and were at Epcot around 9:30.

Upon arrival, Randy immediately went to Norway where Elsa and Anna, the princesses from the movie, Frozen, were signing autographs and posing for pictures while I got Fast Passes for Soarin', Turtle Talk with Crush and The Seas with Nemo and Friends....and Randy found that the line for Elsa and Anna was four and a half to five hours long.

No, I'm not kidding.

Those ladies are very popular.

Since our Little Ladies adore Elsa and Anna, we decided to take turns waiting in the ridiculous long line.

Randy waited first while my mom and I took the girls on Spaceship Earth (the giant golf ball), The Seas with Nemo and to see Turtle Talk with Crush.  Turtle talk was amazing.  We just love Crush (the sea turtle in the movie Finding Nemo).  All of the kiddos sit in the front of the theater and Crush, on a movie screen, talks to the kids, answers questions and tells funny jokes.  He totally interacts with the kids.  I'm not sure how he does it, but it's pretty cool. (I'm sure there's a "behind the scenes" about Turtle Talk somewhere, but that would ruin some of the magic, so I don't want to know.)

After our Sea adventures, we went back to see how Randy was doing.  He'd made friends with the mother in line ahead of him to pass the time.

My mom took Randy's place in line and Randy and I took the girls on Maelstrom, an indoor boat ride through Scandinavian seascapes and swamps inhabited by magical and mythological creatures.  A lot of the ride was dark and a tad creepy and there was one small water slide/drop, but Aleena enjoyed this ride.

When we got back to my mom in line, we had about 45 minutes left to wait so we stayed in line, very excited to see the princesses of Arendelle.

The thing about seeing the characters in Disney World....they take the time to talk to the kids and to really interact with them.  Which is awesome.

Taking the time to interact with the kids also makes the line move much more slowly than if they'd just sign, smile and move on...but that wouldn't be very magical, now would it?

Finally, it was our turn!  (Right at the four and a half hour mark.)

All four ladies had a wonderful conversation about chocolate, the princesses signed our autograph books, posed for 27 a few pictures and we were on our way.

We escaped Norway just in time to have a quick lunch before our Fast Pass time for Soarin'.

Soarin' is a really cool ride that makes you feel like you're flying.  There are no sudden drops so it was a winner in Aleena's book.

By this time, we were all pretty pooped and decided to head back to the hotel to relax before dinner.

We stopped by the Character Spot on the way out to see Mickey, Goofy and Minnie and I snapped the most adorable picture of Aleena nose-kissing Minnie.

The next day would be our last in the most magical place.  I was sad that our vacation was coming to an end, but starting to look forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Stay tuned for our final day in Disney...coming after the ORRRC Race Recap.  Race day is in 2 days!!!!!