Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy New Year! a month (and a week)

Hell-O February!

One month into is everyone doing?

I know I'm a little tardy with this post.  We had a busy weekend, spent at my parents' house in Michigan.  My grandparents were visiting my parents from Massachusetts so I took the Little Ladies up for a visit. 

Four generations of ladies.

Little Ladies with Great-Grandparents
Ellie came down with croup on Saturday night.  I'm no stranger to croup, we've had it at our house many times but Saturday night was the worst I've had to deal with.  Usually, a little snuggle, rubbing of the back and calming breaths settle the wheeze and barking cough.

Not this time.  We ended up sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running (if that didn't work, I'd have taken her outside for some cold air).  After about 20 minutes of steam and yoga breathing, Ellie was no longer wheezing.  My mom poked her head in the bathroom and all of the heat and steam rushed out and set off the smoke detector.  At 2am.  It was magical.  I took her to the doc for steroids as soon as we got home on Sunday.  No more barking or wheezing.

THEN (yes, there's more) we found out that I purchased $500 worth of merchandise from Lands End and had it shipped to Texas.

Except I didn't.

My Land's End profile was hacked.  I saved my credit card number "for fast and easy checkouts" so the hacker thought they could make a purchase on my dime.  FOOLED YOU.  I haven't purchased anything from Land's End since last July and the credit card information was outdated.

Still, it was a hassle.  We cancelled the credit card (just in case) and therefore I had to notify all of the auto-pay services that use that credit card and switch to a different credit card...except we didn't have a different credit card.  Sigh.

It's all taken care of now and no fraudulent purchases were actually made.  I got lucky.  I will no longer be storing credit card information for "fast and easy checkouts".  Fast and easy was not worth the mess I've had to deal with this week.

Now for the 2014 changes.

Fitness changes:
  • Have FUN!  This one is easy and I'm all over it.  I've decided that I won't have a finish time goal for the ORRRC half marathon in April.  My current half marathon personal record (PR) is 2:9:57 and I'm pretty sure I can beat that, so I am hoping to PR, but I have no specific time in mind.  Last year, I was hoping for 2 hours, but last year, I was training for speed.  This year, I'm running with friends for  No speed training.  It's not fun.  Hills.  Hills are fun.  Hill repeats are replacing speed training, so we'll just see what happens in April.
Hill Repeaters 2/4/14
  • Ditch the belly.  I've lost 8 pounds and 3 inches since New Year's Day.  I'm doing well with keeping the candy out of my mouth and I'm also doing well with eating more protein so I stay full longer and don't feel the need to grab a handful of Hershey Kisses.  That handful of Hershey Kisses will lead to another handful of Hershey Kisses....  Here is what Brad has to say about upping the protein in your diet:
(You can't see this video if you're viewing this post in an email)

  • Strength and core training twice a week.  Every Tuesday and Thursday.  I haven't missed one until yesterday.  My body was sore and tired.  It was telling me I needed a break.  I gave it one.
  • At least 1000 running miles.  In 2014, I've wracked up 110 miles so far.  I missed a lot of mileage because of ice and sub-zero temps.  I just can't seem to stay on the treadmill as long as I'd stay outside.  
Non-fitness changes:
  • Continue making an effort with my appearance. So....this one went downhill fast.  I haven't worn makeup since Aleena's birthday party at the beginning of January, but I have shaped my eyebrows.
  • Say "yes" to Randy more often.  I fell off the wagon here for a bit, but I'm getting back on.
  • Keep the kitchen counters clear.  I'm finding that it's not as much work as I expected it to be as long as I make the effort to notice the crap on the counter.  I've always had the habit of sorting mail immediately; putting bills where they belong and recycling or shredding the junk, mail isn't the problem.  My problem has always been the stuff that needs to go into another room.  "Oh, I'll put it away next time I go upstairs."  And then I forget about it.  I'm getting into the habit of scanning the counters before I head upstairs or downstairs so I don't forget the crap.
Slowly, I'm breaking the dumping habit.  Not all flat surfaces have to hold crap.  Were you already aware of this? I'm just learning.

How are you doing with your 2014 goals/changes/resolutions?
Do you store credit card information for fast and easy check outs?