Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a New a week

Well, friends, New Year's Day was one week ago.

One week ago, I declared the changes I will make in my life this year....

Fitness changes:

  • Have FUN!
  • Ditch the belly.  I'm down 2 pounds from last week.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and walked past the candy, little powdered donuts and the Doritos.  None of that stuff jumped into my cart....even though my twitchy little hand wanted to snag the donuts from the shelf as I rolled the cart by....  Staying strong.
  • Strength and core training twice a week.  I started this last Tuesday.  My core/weights days are Tuesday and Thursday...bonus days when I have yoga.  I haven't missed a day yet.  Go me!
  • At least 1000 running miles. 17 miles so far this year.
Non-fitness changes:
  • Continue making an effort with my appearance.  This weekend, I posted this selfie on Facebook and got a few compliments on my eyebrows.

I got a lot more compliments on the martini.  It was to die for.  Here's the recipe.  I did not make up this recipe.  I just took the picture of it.

  • Say "yes" to Randy more often.  I think Randy and I have differing ideas of what "often" is.  We're working out the details.  I say I'm rocking this one.
  • Keep the kitchen counters clear.  Aleena's birthday party was this past weekend and I had some concerns about how quickly I'd rid the counters of the party remnants.  Here's what happened... Guest starring Odie.
 (You can only see this video if you're viewing this post online, not in an email.)

 So far, 2014 is right on track...yes, I realize it's only been a week.  Baby steps.

How is your year going?

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