Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, 2014!

2014 will be filled with much badassery, I can feel it.

Let's jump right into what this year will hold, shall we?  Some of my 2014 changes will be similar to last year, especially in the fitness area, since I kind of sucked at them in 2013.

I've decided that all races/events in 2014 will be FUN.  The past three years have been spent training for something--not that it wasn't fun, but there was also (self imposed) pressure involved: get in the mileage, get in the speed, shoot for a time goal, etc.

None of that this year. 

I've got 2 races already scheduled for 2014 with at least one more on my radar.
ORRRC Half 2012
  • ORRRC Half Marathon- This is the one I missed last year because of my torn calf.  My time goal for last year's race was going to be 2 hours and while I'd like to break 2 hours for a half, I'm not making it a priority.  Since I now have friends to run with for all of my runs, I won't be training with speed work.  My current half marathon PR is 2:9:53, I'd like to be faster than that.  And if I'm not, I'll be ok with just having FUN.
  • Ragnar Trail WV- This is going to be awesome.  And terrifying.  I'm going to the West Virginia hills to run a trail relay.  We all know how much I love nature.  Not at all.  This will be a weekend of camping and running 15ish miles on hilly, technical trail--day and night.  With bugs and plants that will touch me.  But the other 7 people on my team will be a blast to hang out with and, without a doubt, I will have a great time.
Other fitness changes:
  • Ditch the belly.  For real.  The sugar has got to go.  I've been binging since Halloween.  Enough is enough.
  • Strength and core training twice a week.  I did really well with this last year for 9+ months.  I'd like 12 full months of this, please. After the JamieLaurie Half Marathon last weekend, my back was pretty sore and I know it's because I haven't been doing any core work.
  • At least 1000 running miles.  I've achieved this for the past 2 years.  Yay!
Non-fitness changes:
  • Continue making an effort with my appearance.  Yoga pants are just so easy.  
  • Say "yes" to Randy more often.  You married folk know exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm not going to keep a tally or anything but I'd like to say yes more often than I pass out.  Because my mornings are so early, I'll have to put forth a huge effort to stay awake at night.
  • Keep the kitchen counters clear.  I'm a dumper.  If there's a flat surface, I'll cover it with junk instead of putting said junk away.  I know it drives Randy crazy and, to be perfectly honest, it's starting to get on my nerves as well.
My word for 2013 was fearless.  2014 will be FUN!
Races will be fun.
Training will be fun. (hill repeats, anyone?)
Keeping my junk off the kitchen counter will be....well, no it won't. But it's necessary.

Tell me some of your changes/goals/resolutions!
Are any of yours similar to mine?
Is anyone else out there a dumper?  I know I'm not alone in this....

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