Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Faves

A member of my Moms RUN This Town chapter told our group about these awesome light up running vests: the Tracer360, made by Noxgear.

Since almost all of my runs are in darkness, I had to have one so I put it on my Christmas wish list and my mother-in-law got it for me.  Sweet!

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm ready to tell you all what I think about it.

Disclaimer: Noxgear did not ask me to review the Tracer360 and did not give me anything for free.  My vest was purchased by my mother-in-law.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

Several of us in my MRTT group got the Tracer360 for Christmas and we are all smitten.  It's such a brilliant idea, really; fun, functional and for me, necessary.

When I put the Tracer360 on my Christmas list, Randy told me that if I didn't get one for Christmas, he wanted me to buy one.  Since I'm spoiled a lucky girl, I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

Here's how it works, the vest goes on so the tube clips are below the belt.  If the clips are above the belt, the tubes won't cinch down and they'll be flopping all over the place while you run.  Irritating.

The belt is most comfortable for me right under my sports bra, but it can be adjusted lower if the wearer prefers.

The Tracer 360 is light-weight and super comfortable.  I'd forget I'm wearing it if it wasn't so bright.

Here is a short video of what the Tracer360 looks like in the dark:
(you cannot see this video if you're viewing this post in an email)

I locked myself in a dark bathroom just for you guys.  You like that?

Here is the button that I was pressing on my back:

Here is what the Tracer360 looks like when I take a picture with and without a flash (in daylight).

As you can see, even when not lit up, the Tracer360 is very reflective.  If my batteries were to die during a run, I wouldn't be left unprotected.

Monday morning 5at5ers, Laurie and I
I've run with the Tracer360 for about 60 miles now.  It's easy to rack up the mileage when I haven't run a singe daylight run this month.  I've run with my little Tracer-Buddy in nice weather, in very cold weather, in snow and in rain.  I was mildly concerned about 9 miles the rain as the battery opening is exposed to the elements as you can see in the close up picture above, but it performed well.  When I got home, I opened up the battery door to take the batteries out and let it dry, but it wasn't necessary.  There was no water in the battery compartment. 

Here are a few pictures from a snowy run last week (taken by Laurie).

Super Jamie
The back.  It's really bright.

Also last week, as we, a group of 5--two of us wearing a Tracer360, were running our hill repeats, we passed another runner in the neighborhood.  He said to us, "You all look like a parade!"

Too bad he wasn't around when I was playing Eye of the Tiger as we ran up the hill.  I'll bet we sounded like a parade, too.

Wednesday Hill Repeaters
Now a little about Noxgear:
The company was founded by two Ohio engineers, Tom Walters and Simon Curran.  The name, Noxgear, was derived from the Latin word for night: nox, since the products are suited for nocternal athletes.

Originally, the vests were made for nighttime frisbee games and morphed into a design for safety vests that are better than the standard reflective vests on the market.

The guys at Noxgear were kind enough to offer my readers 15% off of a Tracer360!  Enter the code RRMR15 at check out.  This code expires on February 28, so don't wait!

Have you ever heard of Noxgear before today?

Now that you have heard of Noxgear, you're thinking that you must have a Tracer 360, aren't you?

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