Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Faves

Back in November, I told you all about the huge Skirts Sports giveaway.

I didn't win.  Did you?

I also told you that Skirt Sports compensated me in product to promote their giveaway.

I'm sure you've gathered, since this post is titled Friday Faves, how I feel about my Skirt Sports product.

I was not asked to post a review.  I'm in a position, because I occasionally receive samples from various companies, to spare some of you the trial and error I went through to find running clothes that fit, wear and perform well.  Here we go...

Disclaimer: I received the clothing I'm about to show you for free and I would never, ever promote any product that I don't love.  All opinions are my own.

Here's the stuff they sent me...

Lotta Breeze Capri
I heart these capris.  I've worn them to run, to Jazzercise and to Zumba.  Love.  The pant part is really thin...almost too thin to wear without a skirt covering your buns, which is a good thing: they're not too hot with the skirt over them (my only concern about running skirts is that the double layer will make me too hot).

There are pockets on both thighs under the skirt.  Perfect for an iPod or fuel.  I noticed that there is a pocket opening at the bottom of the pocket as well as a top opening.  The bottom loading pocket is behind the top pocket.  The top opening does not fall through the bottom, they're separate pockets.

What is the world is that bottom pocket for?

The website didn't say so I emailed Skirt Sports and asked.  Customer service is so helpful!

They're tennis ball pockets!  Oh....that makes sense!

Perfect for carrying tennis balls while we run to whip at cars that try to run us off the road!

No.  I'm not condoning that.  Here is what else the bottom pockets can/will be used for:
  • store my gloves after my hands get too warm
  • carry empty fuel wrappers until I come across a garbage can.
The Lotta Breeze Capris are super comfy.  I ordered my size according to the measurements listed on the webpage and they fit perfectly.  I've washed them several times and they still look new and held their shape.

Tough Chick Top
Next up is the Tough Chick Top.  I love the name.  This top is a little heavier than a regular long sleeve shirt but lighter than a winter jacket.  Tough Chick's sleeves also have thumb holes!

Perfect for those 20-35 degree mornings that always leave me wondering how to dress for my run.

In temps of 35-50 degrees, I wear a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved shirt, however, non-windy mornings with temps in the 20s are too cold for a regular long sleeve shirt and not quite cold enough for a jacket.  That's precisely where Tough Chick comes in.

Also, I love the material print.  It's called Wilder Print.

I ordered my size according to the measurements on the website and it fits perfectly.  I've washed the Tough Chick several times and it still looks new and held its shape.

Free Me Long Sleeve
The Free Me is a relaxed fit, long sleeved shirt with thumb holes (Free Me also comes in a short sleeved version).  The Free Me and the Tough Chick have double layered material and a reflective logo on the hands.  The double layered material help keep my hands toasty warm.

I've had the opportunity to wear the Free Me without a top layer a few times so I could really see how it performs.

No chafing.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

Shirts are iffy.  Especially the armpit area.  This is where I tend to rub.

None of that.  This shirt rocks.

I ordered my size according to the measurements on the website and it was too big.  The website description says "relaxed fit" so I assumed it meant that it just wouldn't be clingy.  The website should say "runs big".  Order down a size if you buy this shirt, peeps, but if you order the wrong size, exchanges with Skirt Sports are really easy.

I've washed the Free Me several times and it still looks new and held its shape.

Now, if you clicked on the links to check out the clothes, and I hope you did, you've noticed that the merchandise isn't cheap.

Nope.  It's not.

Here's the thing about cheap: you get what you pay for.

Now will be a good time to tell you that there is absolutely nothing in it for me if you click these links and buy clothes from Skirt Sports.  I did not pay for the merchandise described above, but I have purchased Skirt Sports products before with my own money and will do so again in the future.

I used to try to get away with the cheap clothing from mass merchandise stores.  Not anymore.  All of my running clothes that I've splurged on in the past 3 years are still in my drawer.  All of the clothes from the big department stores?  Not so much.

I'm telling you this so you don't make the same mistakes I made....and have to suffer all the raw skin I did because the clothes didn't fit well and chafed my legs and my pits.

Buying a shirt for $55 and having it forever really is better than buying a shirt for $10 and donating it after one wear because it made your pits bleed.

Stepping off the soapbox.

Here's what I'm totally coveting from the Skirt sports website....

Ice Queen Ultra Skirt
Photo from the Skirt Sports website.

Oooooh.....pretty....and warm!

The Ice Queen is wind proof, water resistant and (the best part) has hidden drawstrings to adjust the inseam length!

This 28-inch-inseam-girl is over the moon about the adjustable inseam!

I will save my pennies and hopefully have the Ice Queen before next winter.

Have you ever worn Skirt Sports apparel?  Do you love it/them as much as I do?