Monday, January 6, 2014

Entering the Year of Five (in pictures)

This weekend, my baby turned five.

It seems like just yesterday she was a newborn.  A teeny, tiny peanut of a baby with good, strong lungs and a great big attitude.

She was not an easy baby.  Everyone reading this who knew us in person back then is nodding their heads right now...

She wasn't an easy toddler either....but so worth it.

Aleena Catherine has a great big, tender heart.  She is not stingy with her love.

She has a great imagination.  I love listening to her play with her toys. She uses different voices for each of them.

Aleena is compassionate.  She's a helper.  She loves to help cook and clean.  She does not, however, like to clean up her toys.  She is 5, after all.

She has a strong will.  This makes life difficult at times, but someday, this trait will serve her well.  Like when she's faced with peer pressure or when she takes over the world.

Aleena Catherine, the past five years have been (mostly) a pleasure.  It is truly a privilege to call myself your mommy.

Happy birthday, Tiny Child.