Monday, December 30, 2013

Yearly Milestone

Last Thursday, I counted up my mileage for the year an saw that I had 992 miles.

I was eight miles short of my annual goal of 1000  miles.

So close.

Laurie mentioned that she was running 12 miles on Saturday and asked if I'd like to join her.

Well, yes, please!

Buuuuuut....why bother running 12 when we can run 13.1?

Laurie is just the right kind of crazy to go along with my plan and we dubbed it the JamieLaurie Half Marathon.

Side note: I think it's really cool that I can whip out a half marathon on a whim.  I've worked very hard to get to this place and don't take it for granted.

At mile 8 of our run, I raised the roof and we gave a little cheer for 1000 miles.  WOOT WOOT!

Then, of course, we took a selfie.

I finished the day with 1005 miles and December isn't over yet....

My mileage goal for 2014 will be the same.  I'm running about as much as I'm interested in running.  It doesn't interfere (too much) with my every day life and, for the most part, I can get it done before the rest of the world is even awake.

So....if a runner girl runs 1000 miles and no one is awake to hear her, did she really wear out 4 pairs of Sauconys this year?

The answer is yes.

My poor husband works to feed my running shoe habit.

Tell me about your recent (or not so recent) awesome milestones!

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