Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Faves: Human Edition V.2

Hi, Friends!  How was your Black Friday?  Mom and I shopped, took a nap, shopped again, took another nap and shopped again.

Now, I'm all shopped out.  Good thing, too, since I'm also broke.

Ok, let's get down to business....

It's time to introduce y'all to another one of my favorite bloggers to follow: Brad from Brad Gouthro Fitness.

Photo used with permission.

Brad is a trainer, author and YouTuber (if that's a real word).  His YouTube channel, Live Lean TV, is fantastic; Brad shares great workout routines, exercise tips and yummy, healthy recipes.

Photo used with permission.
Brad is insightful, funny, he has an adorable Canadian accent and it certainly doesn't hurt my eyes when I look at him.  His YouTube videos are entertaining and I love that he gives his audience little glimpses into his life so we can see that he's a normal person making the choice to live a clean, healthy life.  If he can do it, with a little effort, the rest of us can too, right?  Right?

My very favorite video was back in September.  I was training for the Columbus Marathon.  After the calf tear I suffered in the spring, every little ouchie had me completely panicked.  Then I saw this.

Go ahead, click play.  I'll wait.  (The video will not show up in the email version of this post, to see the video, you must view this post online.)

Sure, Brad is talking about losing weight and building muscle, but it's the message that helped me.  I needed to stop letting my fear and my panicked thoughts bring me down.

I put in the work and took care of my tired legs and I made my way to the chocolate milk at the finish line.

Thanks for the pep-talk, Brad.

Not all of his videos are quite so serious.  A few have made me laugh out loud.

This one is pretty funny; Brad plays 25 questions. 

But I have to say:  Dude.  6am is kicking your butt?  Give 4:30 a whirl.  I kid, I kid....If I had the option of 6am workouts, I'd totally kiss 4:30am goodbye...

Also, I have a guess about your car accident, but my mom reads this blog so I'll pretend that I have no idea what you could be talking about.  (Hi, Mom!)

Y'all should follow Brad.  Really.