Monday, November 18, 2013

Game Day 5K Recap


This race almost didn't happen.

I'm usually really reliable with dates.  I make a commitment, I put it on my calendar, give Randy notice and it's set in stone.

For whatever reason, I had the Game Day 5K on my calendar for Sunday, November 17.  My friend, Jen, set me straight on Friday afternoon that the Game Day 5K was, in fact, on Saturday, November 16.


What's more awesome?  Randy had to work on Saturday, which was no big deal since my race was Sunday.


Luckily, my friend, Kate, agreed to keep my Little Ladies while I raced.

Saturday morning, I dropped the Little Ladies off and headed to the staring line.  I pulled into the parking lot and realized that my race bib was on my kitchen counter.

Are you freaking kidding me?

I'm usually not the forgetful type.  I make a list for everything so nothing is left behind.  I'm just not sure what happened on Saturday morning.

Luckily, I was able to get a new bib at the registration table.  Whew.

Before we started, Jen and I were discussing our race plans.

Our plan was to not have a plan.

We both ran the Columbus Marathon less than a month ago and haven't been working on speed since then.  We wanted to push ourselves a little, but didn't expect anything spectacular to happen.  We agreed to start the first mile around a 9 minute mile and see how we felt after that.  "Let's just see what happens."

Go-time.  It's a small race.  The course runs through a neighborhood that I'm pretty familiar with.  Jen and I chatted a little about our kids, our next races, plans for next year and which marathon was next on our horizons.

Mile 1- 8:42 (so much for 9 minute miles)

I said to Jen, "I can't keep this up for two more miles, I need to slow down."

We were a little less chatty the second mile.  We got a kick out of the kids running the 5K.  We caught up to a couple of boys...maybe 10 years old...then they zoomed ahead of us and we never saw them again.  Ah, to have the energy of a child...

Mile 2- 8:34

I said to Jen, "I can't keep this up, I need to slow down."

By mile 2.5, I could see that we weren't slowing down.  At all.  My legs were not listening to reason.

Eff it, I'm going to continue until I either finish or pass out.

Mile 3- 8:19

I passed a guy right at mile 3 and I expected him to put up a fight and try to pass me back.


He's no fun.

I gave it all I had until I crossed the finish line.  Garmin clocked me at 5:51 pace.

Official finish time- 25:50
Average Pace- 8:20 min/mi

Twelve seconds faster than my previous fastest 5K time.

Apparently my legs were tired of taking it easy since Columbus.

This is the only picture I have of the day as I had no spectators for this one. 
A selfie of me and the finish line will have to do. :-)
This day started out strange and just got more strange.  My brain, usually the one in control, couldn't talk any sense into my legs.

Friends, your worst enemy is in between your ears.  I know mine is.  My brain wants to give up long before my body does.

For some reason....maybe because my brain had proven to be unreliable already that morning, my legs weren't listening when my brain said, "I have to slow down, I CAN'T DO THIS."  My legs said, "Yes I can."

Clearly I CAN do this.

8:20 pace isn't fast compared to a lot of other runners, but for me, it's smokin' fast, and it's not something I thought I was capable of.

It's amazing what can take place when you have no expectations and go with the plan of "let's just see what happens..."