Monday, October 7, 2013

Taper Time!

Whew!  It's been a while.  I've missed the ol' bloggity-blog, but I have lots of reasons for staying away.

Excuses.  But good ones.

Our household has been crazy-busy and something needed to give.  The beginning of the school year has been a transition that has kept me the busiest.  My usual blogging time, 6-7am, was now taken up with getting Ellie up and ready for school and making her lunches.

Aleena had a bit of trouble with Ellie starting school.  She just wasn't sure what to do with herself and became really needy.  Clingy.  No blogging for Mommy.

Two weeks later, the preschool year started and her independent behavior was back.  By then, our house had practically fallen apart.  I'd neglected housework to hang out with Aleena, do home work with Ellie, do some yoga for my tight, tired muscles.  Plus Dance classes started for Aleena and Ellie is playing soccer again, which takes up 2 evenings during the week plus Saturday mornings.

I've been busy and the blog has, unfortunately, found itself on the bottom of the priority pile.

Priority #1 - keep children alive
Priority #2 - don't live in a shithole (which helps with #3)
Priority #3 - maintain marital bliss
Priority #4 - train for a freaking marathon
Priority #5 - get some sleep (which contradicts #3 and #4)

These 5 things were completely filling my day, which begins at 4:30am and usually ends around 10pm.  I've been totally sucking at Priority #5, but things are settling down now.  Fingers crossed.

Now, the house is back to its lived-in-not-spotless, clean-ish, status and we're all getting the hang of completing homework while working around Aleena's dance classes and Ellie's soccer practices and games.

I'm still not sure when I'll blog, but hopefully it will be more regular than once every 3 weeks.

In other news, it's TAPER TIME!  The Columbus Marathon is in 2 weeks and weekly mileage is winding down.  My legs had some trouble with the hefty mileage this time around (yoga has saved my ass) so I'm thankful to be tapering.  The aches and pains are already fading...just in time for me to bring them back with 26.2.

These past several weeks, I've been meeting Laurie at least one morning a week for our mid-long runs, usually between 6 and 10 miles on a weekday.  I still have to be home by 6am, so I won't even tell you what time we start.

Laurie and I like to take a picture when we finish.

Every time.

9/3/13, 6mi

9/10/13, 8mi

9/17/13, 5mi
Laurie had been getting comments to the effect that we were way too happy for that time of the morning.  So we tried something new:
9/25/13, 10mi
 We were told to bring back the happy faces.

10/2/13, 6mi
That mad-face picture was just to mix things up. We weren't really mad.  Actually, we were ecstatic that morning.  We'd just finished 10 miles on a Wednesday morning.  When we stopped, we both remarked how easy it felt.  Had someone told me three years ago that I'd run 10 miles and it would feel easy, I'd have laughed in their face.

10 miles: it ain't no big thang. 


Jen and I after our 20 mile run
On Saturday, September 28, I had 20 miles on my schedule.  Naturally, this was the weekend that Randy planed a camping trip with his buddies.  Luckily, my in-laws were available to come visit for the weekend and care for the Little Ladies while I ran...and napped.

This was the morning of the rotating running buddies.  Jen and I started the run with Sarah and Erin.  Erin, who was planning a wedding and isn't training for anything, didn't want the high mileage so she headed back to the car at mile 5ish.  We picked up Sheila at mile 12, Sarah, who is training for a different marathon, finished with 18 miles and Sheila left Jen and I at mile 19.

Speaking of Erin's wedding, she got hitched this past Saturday.  We managed to steal her away from her new husband long enough to snap a Saturday morning Running Buddies picture.
Sarah, Kate, Anne, Erin, me and Angie
(I think the picture belongs to Kate)
Beautiful bride, fun party, delicious cosmos....

Hell-O Taper!

Do you enjoy your tapers?  Usually not, but this time, I really feel like it's needed.
I've missed my bloggy friends, tell me what I've been missing.  What's going on with you?