Monday, October 14, 2013

ONE More Week!

EEEEEK!  The Columbus Marathon is in one week!

Last Friday, one of the members of my Moms RUN This Town group said, "It's time to start stalking the weather forecast like a scary ex girlfriend."

I giggled out loud.  It's funny and completely accurate.

Currently, the forecast is high of 57, low of 41 and 40% chance of rain.  Perfect running temps, and no, I'm not concerned about the rain.  We still have a week for the weather to change its fickle mind.

Edited: the weather forecast has changed already.  Now there's only a 10% chance of rain.  Score!

I have a few outfit options lined up and will make the final decision Saturday before I go to bed.  To not sleep.  Instead I'll lay awake all night fearing that I'll be late to the starting line...or I'll forget to wear a sports bra...or the laces in my shoes will suddenly be missing...

Switching gears a little...I'm super, super excited to share with y'all what I got to do this past weekend.  (totally marathon-related)

Several weeks ago, Laura Mildon, the founder of Island Boost sent me an email asking if I'd be interested in testing a new Island Boost flavor for taste and performance.


If you'll think back a little, you might remember that I tested Island Boost back in July and I Loved.It.  It tasted great and it was kind to my belly.

Of course I want to try out the new flavor: CHOCOLATE!

Now, let me tell you, I wouldn't go near the chocolate flavored gels.  They don't even tempt me.  I imagine it would be like sucking frosting out of a package.  How my brother can sit down with a can of frosting and eat it with a spoon is beyond me.

I knew in my heart that the chocolate Island Boost would be nothing but fantastic.  Laura doesn't create crappy tasting products.  I have total faith in this company that they wouldn't try to market anything but the best.

So Saturday, I was running along, jamming to my music in the dark, I got to mile 6 when it was time for a sugar boost.  I tore open the package and took a small sip.

I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Oh my God." 

Wow.  The taste...I can't even describe it to you.  It was amazing.  Hands down the BEST tasting fuel I've ever had.  Possibly the best tasting chocolate-anything I've ever had.  I walked slowly down the road, a dawdle, really, just enjoying every last drop that the package contained.  Wow.

Once again, the Island Boost didn't bother my stomach, I didn't expect it to.  I have one more package and I can't wait to use it at mile 6 of the marathon next week!

Since the recipe hasn't been patented yet, I'm sworn to secrecy about the ingredients (seriously, I signed a document promising that I wouldn't share the list of ingredients and I'm pretty sure it's punishable by death.  I won't chance it.)  I have seen the list of ingredients: it's a short list and I can pronounce everything on it.

Here is what I can tell you:
  • each packet contains 70 calories
  • as with the rest of the Island Boost flavors, the chocolate contains glucose, no artificial sweeteners
  • as with the rest of the Island Boost flavors, the chocolate contains coconut water for electrolytes
  • Laura tasted many, many different kinds of chocolate before finding the perfect flavor (it's a dirty job, but someone has to try the chocolate!  I wish I could have signed up for that job.)
  • the chocolate Island Boost contains premium vanilla.  Nope, it doesn't taste a thing like vanilla.  I think the purpose of the vanilla is to enhance the chocolate flavor, but I could be mistaken.
As you know, Island Boost is a small company.  An awesome one, but very small.  The cost of creating and mass-producing the chocolate Island Boost is huge.  You wouldn't even believe what goes into making a chocolate product.

I tell you, the huge cost is totally worth it, but Island Boost needs help.  They've set up this Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to get chocolate Island Boost out to the public.

Please watch this YouTube video and consider donating to the cause. (You must be viewing this post online, not in an email to see this video.)

The incentives are really good!  Please help if you can.

Have you ever tried Island Boost?
Do you like Chocolate gels? I haven't actually tried them, but the thought of them turns my stomach.  I promise, the chocolate Island Boost is nothing like that!

Island Boost asked me to help spread the word about the fund raising campaign and sent me samples of the chocolate Island Boost, for free, to test for taste and performance.  As always, all opinions are my own.