Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Faves: Human Edition (take 2)

Happy Friday!

In my Friday Faves posts, I usually tell you all about the "stuff" I'm loving.  I thought I'd mix things up a bit today and I'm going to tell you about a human I really like.

Of course my absolute favorite people in the entire world are my Little Ladies, but y'all hear (read) enough about them, so every once in a while, I'm going to tell you about bloggers I really enjoy following.

I hope that's not creepy.

Today's Friday Fave blogger is incredibly supportive and thought-provoking.

Carla from MizFitOnline
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Photo borrowed from MizFitOnline with permission.
Carla blogs about fitness, parenting and every day life.  I love her writing style and more often than not, her messages resonate with me and help me in my every day life.

A few weeks ago, she wrote about choosing priorities.  This was exactly what I needed to read when I was struggling with having/making enough time for everything in my life.  It made me feel a little better about letting the blog go for a bit.

And then there was her Yes Day.  Carla said YES to her daughter  Half of me thinks it would be great fun to see what the Little Ladies choose to do all day....the other half of me is terrified of what they'd choose to do all day.

Carla encourages her readers to be better.  Better people, better parents, and better eaters.

Upon first glance, you might think that MizFit is a fun way to write "Ms. Fit", and it could be, but if you read Carla's posts (please read Carla's posts), you'll quickly learn that MizFit is a fun way to write "misfit".  Carla doesn't fit with any mold and she doesn't go with the crowd.  She behaves the way she does because it's what she feels is right and best for her.  Everyone could stand to take a lesson from her.

Possibly my favorite posts are the If We Had Coffee posts.  There are two: One, Two.
In the second coffee post, Carla talks about her kiddo (wearing a bee inspired outfit):
 "...Id share with you how the constant chatter can at times make me crazy—but I know if I dont STOP and listen to the small stuff….the bee stuff…she wont bring me the bigger, more scary ‘stuff’ down the road."

Miz and I could totally be BFFs. (because that's not creepy at all.)

If you haven't already, check Carla out!  You won't be disappointed!

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Disclaimer: I wasn't asked or paid to write about Carla.  This idea came out of my own brain.  All opinions are my own.
This post originally aired last Friday, but there was a snafu with the comments section so I'm re-posting.