Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finish Line Engravers


I'm not excited at all for the Columbus Marathon on Sunday.  I can't even type that with a straight face.

So far this week, I've checked the 10 day weather forecast no less than 847 times and the prediction keeps getting better!
As of Tuesday afternoon.
38 degrees at the start....we're going to freeze our bums off.
Which leads me to my next obsession for the week: race outfit.
My current plan is to wear capris with a tank and a long sleeved shirt over it plus gloves.  I have a few friends who are planning to "tailgate" at various points of the Columbus Marathon route plus Randy and the Little Ladies will be at mile 10 and the finish for sure and possibly at other points as well, we haven't worked out the details yet.  Regardless, I'll have people I can hand off my layers to when I feel the need to strip the long sleeves and gloves off.

I reserve the right to change my mind about the outfit 17 times between now and Sunday morning.

After a five hour tour of Columbus, I will be rewarded with a medal the size of my head.
It's hard to see with the glare, but at the bottom, the metal says, "It's kind of a big deal!"
Yes, yes it is.
This medal alone is really cool, but do you know what would be even cooler?  If my name and finish time could be engraved on the back of the medal for a reasonable price.
What's that you say?
My name and finish time CAN be engraved on the back for a reasonable price? 
No kidding!
Have you ever heard of Finish Line Engravers?  One of my fellow FitFluential and SweatPink Ambassadors, Kris, along with her husband, Aaron, own this race medal engraving business.  They show up to finish areas of many races to engrave medals for the participants.
What's even more awesome?  You can pre-order so you don't have to carry money with you while you race!  Sweet!
Wait.  How much does this fast and convenient service cost me?
Ten bucks.
For reals?
(this is how a conversation goes down in my head)
Kris and Aaron will be at the Columbus Expo taking pre-orders or you can pre-register online.  I've met Kris and Aaron in person and they're both very nice people.  Don't be shy, stop by their booth at the expo and say hi! (And tell them Jamie says hi!)
Everyone who pre-registers (online or at the expo) will be entered into a drawing to win this medal hanger:
"Think Strong, Be Strong, FINISH STRONG"
This is pretty cool.  I wouldn't mind winning this.  I don't have a medal hanger.  All of my medals are folded up in a drawer.
As always, here's my disclaimer: In exchange for spreading the word about Finish Line Engravers, my Columbus Marathon medal will be engraved at no cost to me.  Again, as always, I wouldn't publicly recommend any service or product that I don't believe in and wouldn't spend my own money on. 
I love, love, love the idea of having finish times engraved on a medal.  As a matter of fact, I've written on the backs of my older medals with a Sharpie marker so I will remember my finish times.
If you'd like to learn more about Finish Line Engravers, visit them:
I'm excited to see my engraved medal after I finish in FOUR MORE DAYS!!!
Have you ever written your finish time on the back of a medal?