Thursday, August 1, 2013

Halfway There

Jackson is now 3 weeks post-op, which means we're half way done with crate confinement!  Woohoo!

Crate confinement has gone much better than I expected. He's actually not in the crate as much as I thought he would be, which my friend Angela told me would be the case but I was too busy freaking out to believe her.  In addition to his scheduled rehab times, any time Jackson stands up in the crate, I take him outside to walk around the yard for a potty break.

This is what our typical day looks like:

4:40am My alarm goes off.  I run or lift heavy things.

6:00am Randy is up, showered and brings the dogs down the stairs.  Jackson is not allowed to walk up or down stairs but he's really good at the wheelbarrow walk.  Randy holds Jack's back end up and Jack walks down the stairs on his front legs.  We have a split level house, so he's only walking down 6 steps, not a whole flight.
Randy feeds the dogs and does Jack's first round of rehab for the day while I shower.

7:00am The Little Ladies wake up and eat breakfast, watch a show and/or play with toys.

9 or 10:00am Jack gets his second round of rehab for the day.  All four of us walk, now we're up to walking for 30 minutes, which means my Little Ladies are also walking about 2 miles twice a day.  They're getting tired of it, but being sports about it...usually.

10:00am-12:00pm This is when we get to do fun things.  Park, play with friends, go to the zoo...if we plan to eat lunch out of the house, we typically come home by 2....

2:00pm More rehab.  We massage, we practice range of motion, we practice ground pole exercises in the yard, new this week: walking in figure 8s then we walk for 30 minutes.

3:00pm The kids get more playtime, lucky girls.

4:00pm I start prepping dinner.  With all of the interruptions, it usually takes me until 6pm to get dinner made and on the table.

5:00pm Dinner time for the dogs.  Odie starts trying to herd me to the food bowls at 4 and gets very insistent at 4:45.  Usually Randy is getting home from work around this time.

6:00pm Dinner for the human family members then baths for the Little Ladies.

7:00pm Bedtime for the girls then one of us does the last rehab and walk of the day with the J-man.

I'm usually in bed by 10pm unless Randy is watching a stupid show like Storage Wars or Pawn Stars and it sucks me in.

Randy takes the dogs outside for one last potty break then wheelbarrows Jackson up the stairs to bed.

I'm exhausted just typing that out.

The fact is, Jackson's rehab takes up a lot of our day and, unfortunately, the Little Ladies don't have a choice but participate in rehab with me.

Some of our conversations go like this:

Mom, can I paint?
Right now, I need you to get your shoes on so we can take J-man for a walk.  You can paint when we get back.

Aleena is so over the dog rehab.
Mom, can we go to the park?
We're not going to have time today, after I'm done stretching Jack's leg, I need to start dinner.  We'll go to the park tomorrow morning.  (It rained the next morning.  Sigh.)

Mom, can we use the mixing machine today?
Yes.  Let's make cookies, Mama needs chocolate.

I do not like the cone of shame.
For the first two weeks after surgery, I felt really guilty leaving the house because I had to put Jackson in the cone of shame to make sure he didn't chew his staples out.  We didn't go to the waterpark at all for two weeks and it was the perfect weather for it.  Now that he has no staples and we can leave the house for a few hours, the weather is too cold for the waterpark.  Sigh.

On a happier note, Jackson seems to be enjoying his downtime.  When we come in from a walk or from exercising in the backyard, he walks right to his crate, lays down and passes out.  I think all of this exercises wears him out.

Three weeks down, three to go. 

Please don't tell me that the past three weeks have flown by.

They have not, I assure you.

But this sweet boy is worth it and the little ladies grudgingly agree.

What have you been up to for the past few weeks?