Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Faves

Has it really been 18 days since I've blogged?

Yes, yes it has.

Well, I'm glad y'all haven't forgotten about me during my absence.  Things have been busy around here and I haven't been in much of a writing mood.  Thanks for understanding.

Let me kick off my bloggity homecoming with a couple of Friday Faves!

Swiftwick Vibe Zero

Photo borrowed from the Swiftwick website.
I bought these Swiftwick socks several weeks ago.  Up until then, I'd been strictly a Balega girl, but I had a coupon for a store, couldn't find anything else I wanted to buy so I shopped socks.  We runners can never have too many socks, right?  The store doesn't carry Balega, so I tried something new.

I love them.

The Swiftwick Vibe Zero compression socks offer a cushy bottom, they're breathable and they're just tight enough that they don't move around in my shoes but they're not too tight to cut off circulation.

I wore them for 16 miles in the pouring rain and my feet were very happy.
It would appear that I have two favorite running socks now.

ViewSport V-Man Tank

Picture taken from ViewSport's Website
I won this V-Man tank from ViewSport by participating in a Twitter chat #SweatProud back in July.

ViewSport has some awesome shirts that have messages that show up on the shirt when you sweat.  The shirt I won says "TRAIN HARDER".  This tank is super soft and comfortable.  I wear it all the time to lift weights as well as normal every day wear.

ViewSport sells shirts with other fun messages as well.  I'm totally coveting the "I AM A BEAST" tank because, well, I like to think I'm beast-like.

You, too, could do a forearm inversion if you wear this V-Man tank.

I am a ViewSport affiliate through FitFluential.  I earn a portion of all sales made by clicking my special link.  This particular shirt was won through a random drawing and has nothing to do with my affiliation.  If you would like to purchase ViewSport merchandise, I ask that you use this link: click me click me click me

Your turn!
Have you ever run in Swiftwick socks? 
What do you think of ViewSport's sweat activated technology?

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