Monday, August 5, 2013

Dublin Irish Festival 5K

Last Thursday night was the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival 5K...more importantly, it was Ellie's first 5K.

Mommy Brag
I have to say it: she was a rock star.

My friend, Laurie, wanted to join us for Ellie's 5K debut, so Ellie had two cheerleaders to run with plus Randy and Aleena with the camera on the sideline at the start and finish.

Ellie and I decided on our plan of attack for this race: we would run until she needed to walk, then we'd run for 5 more seconds before we walked. 

I knew the course had hills, she did not. 

I'm mean like that.

When we started running, Ellie did great with keeping her pace conservative.  Over the past couple of months, we've been talking about running slower to run longer, but at age 6, impulse usually gets the best of her when I'm not around to remind her.

Shortly after we passed the spectators at the starting line, Ellie said she needed to walk.  I looked at my watch and laughed.  One tenth of a mile and she wanted to walk?  Not a chance.  We kept running.

The first hill wasn't really steep, but it was long.  No big deal for Laurie and I since we've been running hill repeats on a much larger hill, but Ellie was huffing a puffing.  That was our first walk break.

We had a few more, but not near as many as I expected to have.

Mile 2.5 (a downhill)
There were a few times when she said she didn't want to run anymore, but Laurie or I would pick a land mark and said we'd walk to it, then we'd run.  And we did.

Ellie never uttered the words I can't do this.  Ever.

Everyone who runs long distances has probably said those words. 

I have.

She didn't.

Granted, 3.1 miles isn't a "long distance", but to a 6 year old, I'm sure it is.

Ellie was getting pretty tired just before mile 3 and, of course, the finish was uphill.  Laurie and I just talked to her, telling her that the finish line was right around the next curve.

Her eyes lit up when she saw it and she pulled ahead of Laurie and I, but it wasn't quite a sprint like she did at the end of the Mile Dash a few weeks ago.

Eric, who runs the Grasshoppers program and knows all of the kids' names, announced Ellie as we approached the finish line.

Laurie and I cheered for Ellie as we crossed the finish line right behind her.

I'm so proud of my baby.

Official time: 44:11