Monday, July 29, 2013

The Runner Kid

My kid likes to run.

This has me spinning in excited circles!

Back in the spring, Ellie asked if she could be a runner.  Melted my heart.

Columbus Running Company (CRC) has a summertime running club for kids called Grasshoppers.  It sounded perfect for Ellie.

The Grasshoppers run together twice a week from June to August.

Ready for her first Grasshopper run.
The Grasshopper participants range in age from 6 years to middle school age.  They do a lot of running through the woods on trails, they play relay and other running games and they also do some running on the track.

Muddy trails.

Look at her go!
 The grasshoppers have had one race so far this summer: The Mile Dash a few weeks ago.
It was around 90 degrees out and the whole mile course was in the sun.  Here is how some of our conversation went:
I can't run.  It's hot.  I hate the sun.  I hate the word sun.
Hey, do you see that blue arch up there?
That's the finish line.
And she took off.
Sprinting to the finish!

Happy racers.
Thursday will be Ellie's first 5K.  She's super excited and we've already discussed our race plan: we'll run when we can, walk when we have to and finish smiling.
Please keep your fingers crossed for cool weather Thursday evening.
Do you race with your kids?  I love, love, love that Ellie wants to run with me.  Aleena shows no interest, but she likes to cheer at races.  I'll take it.