Monday, July 1, 2013

The Perfect Run

It seems like a lot of people have been talking about "good" runs and "bad" runs lately.  Maybe because it's about time to start training for fall races, or maybe because it's been hot as hell, humid and miserable running weather. 

A strange thing occurred to me.

I very rarely have a bad run.

Make no mistake: I have tough runs.  I have runs where my legs feel like lead or I can't catch my breath or I feel like I'm working much harder than I should be, but a bad run?  Not usually.

It's not something I do on purpose.  It just happens.

Running, being outside, checking out the scenery, it's all emotional for me.  My surroundings make me feel a certain way.  My "good" run doesn't necessarily depend on how well my legs perform.

This run was last month.  It was a rare occasion that I got to run in the middle of the week in the light.  Randy had the day off and I didn't set the alarm for 4:30am.

I got to see the sun rise and I saw actual human beings in my neighborhood.  I ran through a nearby neighborhood and stalked my favorite house.

I don't know who owns this house.  I don't even know what the inside of the house looks like, but I love it.  If this house ever goes on the market, I must find a way to buy it.  In my head, I've often considered knocking on the door and asking the owners to leave...I haven't done that in real life yet.

This run was on vacation at the beach.  Who cares that it was hot and humid?  That I drank a little too much the night before?  That I was running through 20mph winds?  I got to look at this.  The rest of that stuff?  Doesn't matter.

This run was after we got home from vacation.  Randy took the day off so I got to run in the light.  This tree was blooming.  I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it smells heavenly when it blooms.  There is one street in my 'hood where these trees line the road. 

I think my run down the road went like this: snifffffff......"mmmmmmm"

The trees have small yellowish-green flowers.  Oh, they are divine.  Totally unlike the flowering pear trees that bloom with beautiful white flowers in early spring.  They look gorgeous but smell like dead fish.  Gag.

This mystery tree is wonderful.  I was afraid that I'd missed bloom week while I was at the beach.  I was thrilled that I got home just in time to smell the trees.

So, why am I sharing all of this? 

Well, if you are one who has a lot of "bad" runs, it might help you to focus on the awesome things around you instead of how much your run sucks.  Pay attention to the pretty sunrise, the sweet smelling trees and the other humans you pass by.  They just might help you.

What helps you have a good run?
Do you have any idea what kind of tree this is?