Monday, July 15, 2013

Rehab and Recovery

I still have to share my Drenched 5K experience with you all, and I have a few other posts on tap, but first let me tell you about what's taking over my life.

Rehab and Recovery

Last week, my sweet poochie-pie, Jackson, had knee surgery.  If you missed my freak-out post, read all of my pre-surgery hysteria here.

Last Tuesday was a rough day.  Randy dropped Jackson off at MedVet just after 7am.  By 8:30am, I had eaten a full sized Hershey Bar, made brownies and cried four times.  We were told that the surgeon, Dr. Barnhart, would call us when the surgery was done.  All morning, I checked the clock and tapped my foot impatiently.  I wasn't the only one.  Randy texted me several times asking if I'd heard anything.  As if I wouldn't tell him if I heard something.

I gave up being strong and patient and called MedVet at 1pm to check on Jack.  I was told that he was still waiting for surgery.  I called again at 5pm.  Still waiting.

I knew it was a possibility that he'd be waiting a while.  MedVet is an emergency center and all emergency surgeries are taken as needed and the scheduled surgeries are fit in around them.  As frustrating as it was to wait all day for news, the policy is exactly as it should be.  Should we ever have an emergency, I'll be very grateful that our dog is a priority.

I finally heard from Dr. B. at 8pm.  Jackson's surgery went exactly as expected and a technician would call me in the morning to schedule a pick up time.  Whew.

I picked him up at 10am on Wednesday. He was a little loopy.  He cried the whole way home and when we got home, he laid down in his crate and cried.  I thought maybe he was nauseous.  I called the vet and asked about it.  Dr. B. said it was probably anxiety.

Jackson was confused.  Confused about what had happened to him, and he was probably unsure whether or not he was going back.

I knew he was tired, his head was bobbing, and he'd fall asleep for minutes at a time, then he'd wake himself up whining again.

I couldn't take it anymore so I did what any mom would do: I climbed in the crate and laid down with him.  As it turns out, that would be the first of many hours I'd spend in the crate for the next few days.  I think Jackson needed to be reassured that I wasn't going to take him back to the people wielding saws.

As soon as I climbed in with him, he laid down next to me and fell fast asleep for a couple of hours.  When I finally came out to eat lunch, I had a stiff neck and back, but J-Man got some rest.  Halfway through my lunch, he started whining again, so back in the crate I went.

Now, almost a week later, he's better.  There is no more whining.  He lays happily in his crate and passes out in a pain-med-induced coma for most of the day.

His rehab is taking up a large chunk of my days.  I have to keep reminding myself: it's only 6 weeks and he's worth it.

Jackson's rehab for the first week is as follows:
  • Moist Heat for 10 minutes
  • Massage for 5-10 minutes
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Walk for 10 minutes
  • Cold Therapy for 15 minutes
This all happens 3 to 4 times a day.  More exercises are added and the walks get longer each week.  Forty minutes may not look like much, but with little kids around who are getting impatient with being patient, it's a huge chunk of time four times a day.

We 4 out for a 10 minute walk.  Yes, Jackson is bigger than Aleena.
Running, jumping and playing with other dogs is not allowed.  I'm very much looking forward to the day when I'm not paranoid that I'll accidentally let go of the leash and he'll get away from me, but for now, I'll enjoy the snuggles during cold therapy time.

Your turn!
Have you ever hung out in a dog crate?  I know I'm not the only one....