Monday, July 8, 2013

Rain, Rain is here to stay?

The weather in central Ohio has been less than desirable for those who want to spend their days outside in the sunshine.  Lots of rain and lots of storms.

As much as I love taking my little ladies to the park, zoo and water park, on Friday, I was thrilled for the rain.


Jackson, my biggest pooch, recently tore his ACL.  Because of his size (85 pounds) and activity level (athletic) our regular vet recommended that we take him to MedVet for surgery rather than having it done in her office.  Our vet's office replaces the ACL using a synthetic ACL, but this synthetic ACL won't hold up in an athletic dog over 50 pounds so we're taking him to MedVet for a different procedure: Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

Instead of trying to replace the ACL, TTA changes the angle in which the tibia and femur come together making the ACL unnecessary.

How do they change the angle, you ask?  By sawing the tibia, inserting a spacer and screwing a plate on to keep it together.  By bringing the tibia toward the front of the joint more, it eliminates the need for an ACL.  Or something like that.


The bone will grow back together around the spacer and the joint will be stronger than ever.

It sounds very involved, you say.  How much does it cost?  You don't want to know.  Trust me on this.  I vomited in my mouth a little when I was given the news.  I'll spare you.

To be perfectly honest, it's not the cost that has my emotions in fits.  Yes, it's a lot and yes, there are millions of other things I'd rather spend my money on, but I've gotten past that part.

I have Mommy-Guilt...Dog Mommy-Guilt, that is.

I have guilt that we (Randy and I) are making this decision and Jackson doesn't get a vote.  Let's be rational here, he's a dog and can't vote, but Mommy-Guilt isn't rational.

I have guilt that it's going to take at least 6 weeks for him to recover.

I have guilt that he's going to be in pain for the better part of those 6 weeks.

I have guilt that he's going to have to wear the E-Collar (cone on his head) for 2 weeks until the stitches come out.

I have guilt that all of his daytime resting will be done in his (gigantic) crate and that all of his non-resting time will be on a leash.

I have guilt that he won't be able to lay on his couch for 6 weeks.

I have guilt that he won't get breakfast tomorrow morning before he goes to MedVet.

I'm an emotional disaster.

Enter: rain on Friday morning.

I've mentioned before how much I love running in the rain.  The first few minutes take some getting used to, but once you're wet, you can't exactly get any wetter, right?

Randy had Friday off, so I went to a park for my miles in the daylight.  It rained on the way there, but when I parked, the rain had stopped.  Boo.

Not to worry, it started sprinkling as soon as I started running.  YES!

It drizzled on me for about 4 miles.  It was steady and calming and soothed my nerves and anxiety as I thought about Jackson, what he's facing and the guilt I'm feeling.  Yes, the long list of guilt sucks, but the bottom line is, he will get better.  He will. 

He'll have pain for the next 6 weeks.  If we do nothing, he'll be in pain every day for the rest of his life.  I don't want that for him and I'm positive that, if he had a choice, he wouldn't want that for himself, either.

After mile 4, the drizzle turned to downpour.  It was welcome and wonderful.  By this time, my (NEW!) shoes were already squishing with every soggy step and my clothes were soaking wet and stuck to me.

I ran with a silly grin on my face, no longer leaping over the puddles, I just stomped right through them.

I arrived back at my car after 7.6 soggy miles calm, centered, soaked and smiling.

I can't think of a more effective therapy.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving me exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

We all know how I feel about the rain, how about you?
Do you like running in the rain?  Detest it?  Tolerate it?
Has your dog ever had TTA? Statistics show that 40% of dogs will tear their ACL in their lifetime so, chances are, at least one of my readers had gone through this.  If yes, do you have any tips for me?  My friend Angela went thought this with her dog just 5 weeks ago.  She has been a huge help with soothing my nerves.  (Thanks, Ang!)  I'm well-stocked in dog treats, peanut butter and booze.  I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be.