Monday, June 10, 2013

Circuit Training ~ A Guest Post

Good morning, Friends!  Today, I have a guest post from Kyra, The Get in Shape Girl!  If you've never heard of her, please check out her websites.  She's undergone an amazing transformation.  No surgery, she just busted her ass.  Take notes, people, we can all look fit and fabulous!  Here's some motivation for your Monday.

Oh here we are.. Memorial Day has passed and you know what that means... BIKINI SEASON!!!

I say this with all of the excitement in the world, but not everyone feels the same way I do.  Trust me, I know plenty women who dread this time of the year.. err.. let me rephrase that.  I KNEW plenty of women who used to dread this time of the year, but now they are ready to shed the layers and hit the beach in their bikinis because they’ve been following my workout program.

I’m going to fill you in on a secret I learned a few years back when I was overweight, but first, I figure you should see for yourself what I’ve been capable of, and quite frankly, you are capable of as well...

Yep, that picture on the left was me, about 30 pounds ago.  Anyway, enough about me.  I’m going to tell you my secret to how I was able to get rid of enough body fat so that I can be totally confident in my bikini, and YOU CAN TOO!!

Here’s the secret:  CIRCUIT TRAINING.

The lowdown:  Circuit training simply is a way of training where you do exercises in circuits.  For example, you would take four exercises and you would do them in a row, for three rounds.  I’ll get more specific on this soon.  It should also be noted that each exercise should be done with minimal rest.  If you can complete three rounds of about four exercises without any breaks, it will make the circuit cardiovascular in nature, therefor you are getting your strength training and cardio done all at once!

Typically, the rep ranges for each exercises are in the moderate range, somewhere around eight to twelve repetitions for each.  You can use a combination of body weight exercises, plyometric exercises and resistance exercises. 

The benefits:  Probably the most notable benefit to circuit training is the high fat loss rate you will see once you begin circuit training.  Even Jillian Michaels has stated that circuit training is the best tool for fat loss.  With circuit training you are able to increase your strength and lean muscle mass with resistance exercises.  You are also burning fat because it is cardiovascular in nature, and sometimes can even be high intensity cardio.  (Not to mention the more muscle mass you have on your body, the more easily fat can be burned.)

Another great benefit to circuit training is how it really increases your metabolism.  Adding lean muscle to your body increases your metabolism.  Doing intervals of high intensity cardio increases your metabolism.  Thus circuit training increases your metabolism!

Circuit training saves you time!  I mentioned earlier that if done correctly, circuit training is cardiovascular in nature, so you are doing strength training and cardio at the same time.  Then, there’s just no need to do cardio after weights - it’s all done at once.

Other important benefits to include are: you can train your whole body in one quick workout, you will never get bored, you can do this from home with minimal equipment, if you have an injury you can usually still do circuit training, you’re also highly unlikely to injure yourself from overuse of joints because you are always mixing it up, decreased risk of disease and illness and all that bad stuff.. AND LOOKING GREAT IN A BIKINI!!

So what are you waiting for? 

Try circuit training today and rock your bikini with pride this summer!!

I’m going to get you started with a total body circuit training workout you can do from home.  All you need are a couple sets of dumbbells that challenge you.

Circuit 1 (complete 3 rounds)

Squat to overhead press x 10

push ups x 12

mountain climbers x 30

lying straight leg raises x 15


Circuit 2 (complete 3 rounds)

Step up with two arm bicep curls x 10 each leg (alternating legs)

plank x 30 seconds

burpees x 10

tricep dips x 15 (challenge yourself and lift a leg)


Circuit 3 (complete 3 rounds)

squat jumps x 15

bent over dumbbell rows x 12

jumping lunges x 30

bicycle crunches x 30


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The Get In Shape Girl