Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who has Monkey Butt?

Monkey butt.  Ever heard of it?

According to Urban Dictionary, you know, a credible source of information, the definition of monkey butt is:
"when your ass gets so chafed, it gets red, like a monkey's butt."
We've all been there.

Summer is coming and the occurrences of monkey butt will soon be on the rise.  I don't know about you, but this is a problem for me while running in the summer.  Every moving part of me sweats.  It's a joke between my BRFs (Best Running Friends) and I that even my elbows sweat.

Sweat = chafe = screaming in the shower

Not cool.

Back in March, right before my awful calf injury, Vitacost sent me some Anti Monkey Butt powder to test and review.  Since I wasn't doing any sweating (or much moving) I couldn't put this powder to the test until now.

Since the powder claims to also be a friction fighter, I applied it everywhere that I would usually use my normal anti-chafe product.

Side note: my thighs touch...and they rub.  My thighs have always touched.  Back in the day when I wore a size zero, my thighs touched.  I'm pretty sure no matter how skinny I get, my thighs will always touch.

I used my Anti Monkey Butt powder on a humid, 65 degree morning.  Since it was very warm and very humid, I broke a sweat pretty quickly.  Around the second mile, I could feel my legs rubbing.  when I got home around 3.4 miles, I had no chafing, but the rubbing was getting to be uncomfortable.

Here are my findings:

nice smell - baby powder
inexpensive - $6.29
no monkey butt - my buns never felt swampy

messy to apply - I stood in the bathtub
rubs off - the anti-chafe aspect wore off around mile 2

The Anti Monkey Butt powder would probably be best used on hot days or days one would be sitting around a lot to prevent the discomfort of the butt sweats.  As for anti-friction, that part isn't reliable for running, especially in the heat.  If you have an anti-chafing product that works for you, stick with it.  I'll probably be using the Anti Monkey Butt powder most for trips to the zoo or King Island, when I'll be walking and sweating a lot.  I'll also try it in my running socks to keep my feet dry in the rain and the hot, sweaty summer.

Vitacost sent me a container of the Anti Money Butt powder free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Your turn!
Have you ever tried the Anti Money Butt powder?  I must admit, the name of the product tickled me and that's part of the reason I wanted to review it.
What is your favorite anti-chafe product?