Monday, April 22, 2013


I have some amazing news!

I've been running!

It's slow and I'm doing run/walk intervals, but I logged 15+ running miles last week, including a 5.6 mile run with no pain!  WOOT!

Randy, the Little Ladies and I went to Michigan for my nieces' birthday party.  Two of my three nieces have birthdays 6 days apart so my sister-in-law throws one big party for both of them every year.  Since their birthdays are close to Easter, Randy's aunt buys all 5 ladies a huge chocolate bunny to share.  Yes, please.

Sunday morning, before we left to come home, I headed up to the trail and found it flooded.  I'm not into stream crossings, so I had to run on the road instead.  No biggie, I can go with the flow.

It rained for days and days up there, now everything is flooded.  The Clinton River is really high.  Look how close to the bridge it is!

Um, this path is supposed to be paved....?  Mud, everywhere!

 I hope no one wants to swing,  The swing set is in about a foot of water.

Not that I got any less dirty on the road.  I ran under a tree and got pooped on by a bird!  Just magical.

Luckily, most of the poop-bomb missed me.  Ew.

Man, it's great to be back!

Your turn: Have you had any adventurous workouts lately?