Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

The beginning of this week was a little tough for me.  My first half marathon of the year was supposed to be on Sunday.  Obviously, I wasn't racing, thanks to this stupid calf, so I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on Monday.  Luckily, I snapped out of it before I ate all of the kids' Easter candy.

Yesterday, I saw my physical therapist for my consultation visit.  Here is how our initial conversation went:

Are you stretching like this?
How about like this?
Have you massaged the muscle?
Yes, with my fingers, the foam roller and The Stick.
So...why exactly do you need me?

Apparently, I'm on the right track with my healing. 

For the past (very long) 25 days, I've been so careful to not hurt my calf, I've left it alone and let it heal.  When the pain was gone, I started some light stretching.  I've done absolutely no exercises that involve my legs below the knee.

After a little Active Release Therapy (ART--think deep-tissue massage while the muscle is moving, it hurts) to help loosen up the scar tissue in my muscle, he had me do some stretching, which felt fabulous, then lunges and squats.  My goodness, the quads have missed the abuse!  After all of that--here's the best part--he put me on the treadmill.

Cue Hallelujah Chorus.

It was the most glorious quarter of a mile I've ever run (you know, in the past 3 weeks). Then, he said it.  I can run!

I can run!!

Before you go jumping up and down and tearing a calf muscle, I must tell you that I do have restrictions.  For the next week, I am to run for one minute, then walk for two.  The week after, I run for two minutes and walk for one.  Eh, I'm ok with that.  For the past 25 days, I've done zero cardio.  I'm not sure I could run for more than one minute anyway.

I'm super excited to run, but I didn't go out yesterday.  My calf was pretty sore after the ART so I gave it some rest.  I'm meeting my running group tonight.

As if this isn't enough awesome news, I have more!

Have you ever heard of Shubeez?  If you attended Runfest last year, you have.
Picture borrowed from the Shubeez Facebook page.
Shubeez created these Inspire shoe tags for the Columbus Marathon and passed them out at Runfest.

I've been asked to be a Shubeez affiliate! I'm super excited to be partnering with this awesome company whose founder lives right here in central Ohio!  Right now, there is a buy one, get one coupon code that is good until the end of April.  Enter the code BOGO at checkout and be sure to choose Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat. from the affiliate drop down menu.

Want to learn more about Shubeez?
If you could make your own inspirational Shubeez, what would it say?  I would have to go with my word of the year: FEARLESS!