Friday, March 8, 2013

Cathe XTrain Review

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a time or two...I love cross training!  It wasn't love at first sight, or anything like that, the whole idea of cross training had to grow on me.  Last summer, I discovered that I really enjoy riding my bike.  This past winter (see what I did right there?  I called winter, past), I fell head over heels for the kettlebell. 

This time, it's boxing!  I was super excited to receive one of Cathe's XTrain DVDs to try.

Hard Strikes

I've never done any boxing, so I wasn't sure how my first attempt with Hard Strikes would go.  Cathe and her workout group all use 12 ounce weighted boxing gloves for the workout.  I don't have any gloves, so I just punched with no weight.

The whole workout is forty six and a half minutes long; 30 minutes of warm up and boxing, 12 minutes of conditioning and 4 minutes of stretching to cool down.  I loved that the moves in the boxing workout were pretty easy to follow and Cathe gives advanced instructions as to which direction to punch, kick or turn.

The cardio component in the workout was something I didn't expect.  Being able to run a half marathon any day of the week, I consider myself to have pretty good cardiovascular endurance, but this workout left me sweating buckets, completely out of breath and heaving, "holy crap!" several times.

Here I was thinking, "Look how cute Cathe is with her bouncing pony tail and freshly done make up.  She wouldn't hurt me..."  Wrong.

That cute little Cathe...she's badass.

There is a lot of jumping in this workout.  My ankles were not prepared for that and were really sore after my first workout.  This tells me that my ankles need help.  The Hard Strikes workout made them stronger.  The day after my first workout, everything hurt.  My shoulders were trashed--and I wasn't using any weighted gloves!

My second date with the Hard Strikes workout still kicked my butt and left me drenched in sweat and out of breath, but my ankles held up better.

My third date was even better.  Total sweat-fest.  Awesome workout.  I think I'm in love. 

Another awesome thing about this DVD is the bonus workouts.  Cathe isn't done kicking butt with the cardio boxing.  She just keeps going!
Core 10:26
Triceps 13:55
Heavy Bag 12:56
100 Rep Bicep Curl Challenge 6:50

Since I don't have a heavy bag, I skipped that segment, but I did the rest of them on two separate occasions.  Ten minutes of core is killer.  My abs were on fire!  (Hello, bathing suit season!)

I only have 5lb hand weights and used them for both the triceps and the bicep curls, they were probably just a little too light for me especially for the bicep curls, but I still felt plenty of burn.

Cathe's Hard Strikes has totally been added to my rotation of 5am badassery.

I was sent Cathe's XTrain DVD via FitFluential LLC to test and review.  All opinions are my own.

Have you ever worked out with Cathe?