Monday, January 7, 2013

Kettlebell Workouts: Week 2

How is everyone doing with the Swing in the New Year kettlebell challenge?  I'm thrilled to report that week 1 was a success for me!  I got in three kettlebell workouts that were all about 40 minutes long.  I did notice that I'm no longer sore after doing the workouts with my DVD.  I feel the burn during the workout, and I definitely feel like I'm working, but I don't feel sore later that day or the next day.

This led me to wonder: should I feel sore?  I asked The Twitter and got an answer from Tweeps that they feel like they got a good workout when they're sore the next day, but that really didn't answer my question.  I went to my second favorite source of information:  Google.

According to, and I'm paraphrasing here, it is not good to feel sore after every workout.  It is, however, normal to be sore after changing your routine, say for instance, using the kettlebell for the first time.  After my first workout with my new kettlebell, I was sore for two days.  After the second go-round with the kettlebell, the soreness was very mild and every time after that, I had no soreness at all. 

While I don't think I'm ready for more weight for most of the exercises just yet, I am ready for new exercises.  How about you?

Last week, I found some great moves at Women's Health.  This week, I went a little more hardcore.  There are a bunch of exercises listed, there are pictures, descriptions and links to demo videos at Intense Kettlebell Workouts.  A couple of the exercises are repeats from last week (windmill and swing) so I won't go into those again but the rest are brand new to us!

Kettlebell Clean:
This is not me.  My muscles don't look like that....yet.
The Kettlebell Clean
I had a hard time following the description of these exercise: start in a squat with the kettlebell between your feet.  Stand up, pull the kettlebell to your shoulder while twisting your wrist.  This video helps.

Kettlebell Crunch:
Lay on your back holding the kettlebell above you.  Using your abs only, lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

Front Raises:
One arm!  Yikes!
With one arm out to the side, lift the other arm straight up in front of you and lower it.

Hold the kettlebell at your chest and keeping your knees above your ankles, stick your butt out behind you and squat as low as you can (without falling over) and stand back up.

Have fun with these this week!

How are you liking the Swing in the New Year kettlebell challenge?  Are you finding time for your workouts?


  1. LOVE THIS and am sending my friend your way.
    he's trying them ... he needs help :-)

  2. Looks like an awesome workout! I've never done a kettlebell workout, but I'm intrigued. We have a new gym that just opened by us that is all kettlebell workout classes. I've been wanting to try out one of their classes.


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