Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kettlebell Workouts: Week 1

So....I have a kettlebell and the DVD it came with. The DVD has three short workouts, I put them all together to make one 37 minute workout. It's a great workout, but I can promise you that I'll be really, really bored of this after one week if I keep doing the same workout three times a week.  Plus, I want variety!  I need to sneak up on my muscles every now and then.

One option, that really isn't an option, is to buy more DVDs. Why is that not an option? Christmas was last week and this mama is broke.

Luckily, Google is my friend. I searched and found lots of kettlebell workouts posted right on the web just waiting for me to find them.

This one is from Women's Health. If you click on the picture, it will take you right to the web page it came from.

I'll use a heavier kettlebell for some (dead lifts, swings, figure 8) than others (windmill and half get-up).

Women's Health also posted this demo video of another kettlebell workout with completely different moves from the workout pictured above. I'm so excited to try these out!

Are you still swinging?  How is your kettlebell challenge going? Today was workout #2 of week 1 for me!  I'm hoping that I can swing with my mom tomorrow for my third workout of the week.

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  1. Thanks for the extra exercises. I'm going to start those next week. BTW, have you seen a TGU (Turkish Getup)? There's no way i can do one without falling down, and that's without the KB! Swing on!


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