Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Run at Sharon Woods Race Recap

I have been looking forward to this race for the past month.  I ran it 2 years ago and wanted to see how much faster I've gotten.

The day before the race, Saturday, I was feeling really yucky.  I was tired and nauseous all day...yuck.  I went out with friends on Friday night and ate a lot of crap.  I just can't eat like that anymore.  Because I wasn't as rested or as fueled as I'd hoped to be, I didn't have high hopes for the race on Sunday.  My goal was to beat my time from 2 years ago: 38:18.

I met up with my friend Amanda at the start, she had done back to back long runs on Friday and Saturday and didn't think she would be able to keep up with me for the whole 4 miles.  Ha!  I wasn't sure I could keep up with my plan for the whole 4 miles.

The weather was perfect, at least we had that going for us.  We positioned ourselves between the 9 minute and 10 minute pacers to start.

The first mile brought a lot of downhill.   It was clear that the 9 minute pacers were going a little faster than 9:00 pace.  Mile 1: 8:53.

The second mile was mostly uphill (what goes down must come up?).  I slowed a little and Amanda slowed a little more than I did.  I kept the 9 minute pacers in my sights and I passed quite a few people on the big hill.  The hill training is paying off!  Mile 2: 9:12.

The rest of the course was pretty flat so I picked the pace back up for the last 2 miles.  Amanda was far enough behind me that I was pretty sure she wasn't going to catch up on her fatigued legs so I focused on moving forward and passing as many people as I could (I passed a LOT of people, but I didn't count until the last mile) and trying to catch the 9 minute pacers.  Mile 3: 8:57.

Once my watch beeped at mile 3, I picked up the pace again, and again at mile 3.5.  Those pesky pacers were about 20 feet ahead of me, but I just couldn't catch them (until they stopped just before the finish line because they were a minute early, but I don't count that as a roadkill).  I passed 2 racers in my last mile.  One was a guy and he never caught up.  My friend, Kate, and her daughter were waiting for me at the finish line.  I'm sure she was a little surprised to see me round the corner so soon, when I told her I'd be finishing just before 38 minutes.  She and her kiddo cheered.  It was so good to see them.  I gave myself a little cheer as I crossed the finish line.  Mile 4: 8:25.
Thanks, Kate, for the picture and the cheering section!
My Garmin time was 35:12.  Holy crap.  Did I really just do that?!

Nope.  I didn't.  My official time was 35:11!  This PR (by 3 minutes and 7 seconds!) is going to be a tough one to beat....but I'll be back next year to try!

Official Stats:
Finish time: 35:11
Avg Pace: 8:48 min/mi
Age Group: 11/62
Female: 25/186
Overall: 67/271  (Double digits!  I'm usually in the triple digits overall.)
Do you count the number of people you pass during a race?  Usually, no, because most of my races are too long and I'd rather talk to other racers or sing along with my music. ;-)


  1. Congrats! That is an incredible time! I'm still hoovering around the 10 min/mile mark for my long runs but I'm going to start working on getting them down to 9 during my 3-4 milers.

  2. Woot woot. Was shocked to see you, but happy shocked! Awesome job!!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are doing great! Nice job killing those hills! I was counting people during the C-bus marathon but mostly the ppl who had the same competitive walk bib on that I had!

  4. Awesome race!! I don't usually count people, but I do try to focus on one person a little ahead of me and not let them get farther away, etc... helps pass the time!

  5. Awesome Finish Captain! Way to go get it!

  6. Fantastic race, Jamie! I knew you had it in you :) Now on to the next one!

  7. Congratulations Jamie!! That is an amazing PR and you sped up so much in that last mile. Wow. Really impressed. Did you do a victory dance? I could imagine you might have!

  8. Congratulations on your new PR. It always feels so fantastic to completely smash an old PR!

  9. Thank you everyone! It was a super day!!


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