Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Tis the Season

Last night, I woke up around 11pm to the sound of a barking cough.  Randy heard it too.

"Crap."  We both said it at the same time.  I left my nice warm bed and went into Aleena's room.

I found her sitting up in bed, coughing on the exhale and wheezing on the inhale.  Not awesome.

This is not our first go-round with croup.  Both kids have had it many times, actually.  But last night was probably the worst I've seen it in this house.
She doesn't look sick...
Croup is the inflammation of the larynx are and is usually viral.  It's common in babies and kids up to age three, but can occur in older kids.  Read more about it on Croup usually starts as a little cold.  Aleena had a runny nose two days ago, and it seemed better yesterday.  I guess not.

Usually, when my kids get croup, I only notice it when they cry or get upset.  Croup is almost always worse at night.  If you've never been graced with croup at your house, or if you don't have kids, croup sounds like this:

Croup is scary for parents and kids.  The kids get scared by the sounds they are making, this upsets them and the croup gets worse.  This is what I saw with Aleena last night.  While she didn't cry, I noticed that she did start to freak out a little which made the wheezing worse.  I sat with her in the rocking chair rubbing her head and talking quietly to her.  I was about 2 minutes from bundling both of us up and sitting outside for a few minutes, as cold, humid air helps calm the inflammation, when she finally calmed down.  The coughing stopped, her breathing returned to normal and she started falling asleep.

We all went back to sleep, but I was on high-alert for the rest of the night.  I got up to check on her at 4am and made the decision to turn my 4:30 alarm off.  No run for me this morning.  I didn't want to leave just in case Aleena woke up again while Randy was in the shower.  I'm a mom first and a runner second.

Croup is usually treated with a couple of days of steroids.  This reduces the inflammation and gets rid of the cough and wheezing.  I've noticed that the cough is completely gone after the first dose.  We're seeing the pediatrician this afternoon.

If left untreated, croup can get worse and can be life-threatening, but the steroids kick it quickly when treated in the early stage.

Happy napping, everyone!  Oh wait.  Maybe that's just me.
Ever had croup in your house?  We get it once a year, and it's usually only one kid or the other.  They've never had it at the same time.  While croup is viral, and therefore, is contagious, most of the time, those exposed to croup will get a cold, but not necessarily croup.



  1. We deal with croup every year around the same time. :( And I used to get it, too. I used to be jealous because my brother got laryngitis, which seemed much better than the croup. I would always end up in the bathroom while the shower ran as hot as possible (to make a steam room to help open up the breathing passages).

    1. I get laryngitis as an adult. I don't remember ever having croup as a kid...not that that means anything. :)

  2. That video made my heart hurt!
    I hope Aleena feels better quickly!

    1. Thank you, Mandy. Yes, the kiddo in the video is heartbreaking.
      Aleena started the prednisone yesterday and had no coughing or wheezing last night. Yay!

    2. Yay! I'm glad she's doing better!


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