Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 9

Woohoo!  Week 9 and pain free!

I know, I say that every week, but it's pretty freaking exciting!

This week was a little different.  I got to run three times in the daylight!  Randy had to work third shift to cover for someone who was out sick on Sunday and Monday, so running at 5am wasn't an option as there was no one home to stay with the Little Ladies.  I ran on Monday at noon and met Anne at a metro park to run hills on Tuesday afternoon (more on that run later), then I met up with my usual Thursday evening group.

Given the choice, I'd always choose running first thing in the morning.  My days tend to wear me out (wouldn't it be great to be a bon-bon eating housewife?) and I find that I have to talk myself into running in the evenings and afternoons.  My first leg for Ragnar will be around 11am, so Monday's run was good training for me.

Tuesday evening, I met Anne for some hills.  My first Ragnar leg has 1600 feet of elevation gain and hers has about the same in elevation loss.  Yes, I get to run up the mountain and she gets to run down.  So there we were running up and down, minding our own business...we decided to try running up the sledding hill.  It's pretty steep.  We went charging up the hill and were greeted at the top of the hill by a naked man.  Yep, naked.  As the day he was born.

Anne and I said nothing, we just turned around and went back down the hill.  We did not do repeats on the sledding hill. 

The strange thing was, there was a female at the top of the hill too, but she was fully clothed.  I wonder if he lost a bet. "Don't worry, Honey.  We're at the top of this hill, no one can see you."

I think I saw them again in the parking lot as we were leaving the park, but I can't be sure.  I'm not certain I'd recognize the guy with clothes on.

As for the hills, it was a good workout and even kind of fun.  But not near enough elevation gain.  I'll be repeating a bigger hill next week.

Saturday's run was the best I've had in a long time.  I felt great the entire time.  I ran strong, I finished strong and with tons of energy.  There are several factors that contributed to this run's awesomeness: 
  • I got to run with my friends.  It's been a while since I've been able to join them for a group run and it was great to have their conversation for 12+ miles.  Two of my friends are running their first full marathon in 2 about exciting!
  • It was cold out.  My ideal running temperature is the low 40s.  I love the cold.  I actually wore a long sleeved shirt and kept it on for the entire run!  Unheard of!  I'm always the one peeling off layers.  Sure, you can say it:  I'm the stripper.
  • I tested out a new breakfast.  I've been eating toast with peanut butter in the mornings before runs.  I've been having tummy troubles: cramping, nausea, thinking I might poop my pants. (Oh, you didn't realize this was a TMI blog?)  Something needed to change.  Last week, I told y'all about the granola I made.  I've been eating it every morning for breakfast and I also ate some on yogurt before I ran hills with Anne on Tuesday afternoon and had no stomach issues.  Saturday was the test run with the granola breakfast.  I ate yogurt and granola only, no fruit. (Fiber before a long run?!  Crazy talk!)  Apparently granola is my super food.  Not only did my stomach feel great for the whole run, I forgot to fuel at mile 6!  Usually, my stomach is growling by mile 6 and I fuel (with Honeystinger Chews) to curb the hunger.  I saw 7.2 miles on my watch and realized that I never fueled.  I never felt hungry or weak (another sign that I need sugar).  Alrighty then.  Granola is the breakfast for me on race day.
  • I turned off the pace field on my Garmin.  Knowing my pace freaks me out.  If I think I'm going too fast, I "feel" tired and force myself to slow down.  If I think I'm going to slow, I speed up...and end up feeling tired and forcing myself to slow's exhausting.  If I just run for comfort without knowing my pace, I eliminate all of that over-thinking and enjoy the run a whole lot more.
On Sunday I had every intention to get my abs & arms workout in....buuuuuut....I never got out of my PJs and I had a lazy day instead.  It was glorious and I only feel a tiny bit guilty.

I'm so glad I had a kick ass last-double-digit-run before Columbus.  Technically, it should be time for taper...however, with Ragnar coming up in only FOUR WEEKS, there is no taper.  My mileage will decrease a little next week and the week after, but I still have to run hills.  No rest for the wicked.

Week 9
Monday- Run: 4.44mi
Tuesday- Run: 5.6mi
Wednesday- Run: 6.05mi
Thursday- Run: 5mi
Friday- Bike: 12.6mi
Saturday- Run: 12.6mi
Sunday- Rest
Total miles for Week 9: 46.29
Total running miles for Week 9: 33.69

How is YOUR training going?  Do any of you over-think your pace, or is it just me? It's ok, you can say it: I'm just strange.

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  1. My favorite line in this post, "I'm not certain I'd recognize the guy with clothes on." That's awesome.

    I have forever been a cereal (aka fiber) eater before my long runs and I've never had tummy issues at all. I now make Amish Oatmeal the Friday night before and eat that! Stays with me much longer and has protein (milk & egg) as well as sugar! Yum! I am glad you are enjoying your granola!

    Uh, I overthink everything. Even seeing a doctor tomorrow to be sure I am wrong.


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