Monday, October 1, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 8

This was a busy week and my social calendar was jam packed this weekend! (first world problems)  I managed to get in the miles and I even squeezed in abs and arms and a long ride on Blue.

On Wednesday morning, I met my friend, Angie, at 4:30am to run hill repeats.  Angie is on my Ragnar Relay team and will also be running the Tennessee hills in November.  I felt like a total badass until I checked the Garmin stats and found out that the hill isn't near big enough for Ragnar training.  Crap.  I'll be tackling a bigger hill next week.

On Saturday, Kate met me in my hood at 5am to join me for part of my long run.  I needed to get it done early since I had a baby shower to attend two hours away later that day.  I was originally going to run 13 miles, but cut it down because I had such a busy day planned and I didn't want to be too tired to enjoy it.  Don't worry, I wasn't.

My alter-ego
After the baby shower, I joined some of my mom-friends for our semi-annual retreat weekend.  We have been retreating since 2010.  We all drive about an hour north and hang out in the country for the weekend with comfy clothes, lots of food, even more alcohol, books, magazines, scrapbooks, bonfires and sometimes, Rock Band.  Oh yes, we get wild and rock out.  Our band name is Moms Rule and all of our characters have wild pink hair.  We knew during that first weekend that it would not be the last and the semi-annual Moms Rule Retreat Weekend was born.

This weekend, I was a little late to the party, but that didn't deter us from our usual shenanigans.
Here are a few gem moments:

Week 8
Monday- Run: 3.25mi
Tuesday- Strength: Abs & Arms
Wednesday- Run: 6mi
Thursday- Bike: 11.4mi (Random Thoughts), PM Run: 5mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 10.56mi
Sunday- Rest
Total miles for Week 8: 36.21
Total running miles for Week 8: 24.81

How was YOUR training this week?
Do you ever get away for the weekend? I look forward to these weekends and I always come back a little hung over, thoroughly exhausted, completely refreshed and ecstatic to see Randy and the Little Ladies.


  1. Nice training week! Looks like the mom-retreat was awesome! Glad you had fun!

  2. Great job on the hill've motivated me to get out there and knock some out!

  3. Hi Jamie! Found you from Running Bloggers and love your site! Great job on the training and loved your random thoughts. :)

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